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Paul Reed written testimony House subcomm hearing April 15 2019

 1 Written Testimony House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources Field Hearing, of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on the impacts of oil, Shale play in northwest New Mexico has been threatening fragile Chaco‐affiliated cultural resources, resources is heightened by several mid‐2017 executive and secretarial orders from the Trump administration that aim to prioritize energy development on public lands. In fact, over the past year‐ 2

Task Force on Digital Access and Archives Report

the OSTP memo’s specific call for public access using existing budgetary resources. The financial burden, of federally funded scientific research to be made available and “useful for the public, industry, with “examining and identifying areas of agreement, disagreement [with the OSTP memo and NSF Public, in archaeology”. After a thorough review of the OSTP memo and NSF’s Public Access Plan, the six, by federal funding is largely supported by contracts and projects through cultural resources management


your agency for its thorough public consultation that the USFS has engaged upon in the drafting, resources organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s redline document, and review of the HIP. If that is the case, we believe the development of the HIP be part of public scoping and included in environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for public, ...” Will the HIP be included in the NEPA document (EA, EIS) for public comment and review? The HIP is central

Interest Groups

public archaeology activities and resources. These gatherings will provide unique opportunities for all, will require financial resources, the group will determine how to acquire them.Procedure for selecting, remainsto encourage public engagement and community outreach and the broader dissemination, to bioarchaeology in order to facilitate communication and awareness of current news, public, ) in bioarchaeologyto include and encourage students, professional archaeologists, museum curators, and public

Letter on coronavirus stimulus_House-1

Committee on Natural Resources 1324 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 The Honorable Rob Bishop Ranking Member U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources 1329 Longworth House Office, nation’s commitment to heritage preservation. Supported by the American Cultural Resources Association, and will ensure that communities have their voices heard and important resources are protected. Through, public has a voice in federal permitting decisions. Federal law dictates that any federal involvement

Get Involved in Archaeology Locally

activities, education resources, and fieldwork opportunities. If your state has an annual, in your area. This network of archaeologists developed out of the SAA's Public Education Committee, Alaska Fran Seager-Boss Public, Florida Public Archaeology Network Phone: 850-877-2206 Email:, Tchorzynski State Historic Preservation Office and Department of Natural Resources Phone


in the years ahead to better protect our irreplaceable cultural heritage resources. Our material, resources programs at the national, state, tribal, and local levels, the federal government plays, , where most BLM- controlled land and their archaeological resources are located. The Trump, , and serious erosion in the BLM cultural resources office’s ability to both direct its mission, interact with other federal cultural resources offices, and respond to congressional inquiries


 October 16, 2019 The Honorable Ben Rey Luján Chairman, Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples of the United States House Committee on Natural Resources 1324 Longworth House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Dear Chairman Luján, I write today in support of the Chaco Cultural Heritage Area, years, attempted to lease public land adjacent to Chaco Canyon for oil and gas exploration on multiple, and gas leasing. Passing this measure that will forever protect the priceless cultural resources

Archaeology Tourism

been preserved. Many are open to the public for visitation. They often include museums or interpretive, Tourism about concerns with continued protection of the sites and public access to them. Visit ArchaeologyPlanning a trip to visit archaeological sites? These resources can help:Archaeology Travel, . This includes information on what to do if you find an artifact at a public site


irreplaceable cultural and environmental resources. Further, it is our opinion that the 2020 amendments, before us do not rectify the Trump changes that unwisely limited public involvement in the NEPA, , to the maximum extent practicable, the viewpoints of the public on development projects that use public funds


Section_III_Resources,  177 S e c t i o n i i i Finding What You Need: Resources for Archaeological Collections d a n i e l l e M . b e n d e n About the Resources Whether you’re an archaeological collections, of more information. There is now a myriad of resources avail- able about diferent aspects, -consuming, so we’ve carefully compiled the following relevant URLs and citations. These resources, Management; Conserva- tion; and Funding. These resources are useful for various tasks undertaken

SAA Bulletin 10-1

resources from public lands without a permit when she was surface collecting archaeological materials, fragments. Archaeological resources, such as this grave, that are located on public lands, Awarded Golden Trowel ARPA in Action Public Education The History of Archaeology Public Relations, arrangements, lobbying, public rela­ tions and education, membership, fund-raising, etc.; 3 4, Antiquity articles focusing on communication with the public include a technical guide for achieving

Upcoming Society for American Archaeology Seminars

research and public outreach. To offer new resources, methods, and avenues for obtaining, archaeological predictive model. Register Virtual Heritage and Public Archaeology, groups. All of Dr. González-Tennant's work is grounded by an interest in public outreach, , interpreting, and sharing archaeological knowledge with the public. The growing use of virtual technologies, will discuss best practices for integrating virtual applications into larger public archaeology work


) The Archaeological Resources Protection 17 Act of 1979 (Public Law 96–95; 93 Stat. 721, 16 18 U.S.C. 470aa et seq.) reflects this Nation’s commit- 19 ment to the preservation of archaeological resources 20, on Natural Resources A BILL To amend the Native American Graves Protection and Repa- triation Act so, the Native American Graves 5 Protection and Repatriation Act (Public Law 101–601; 25 6 U.S.C. 3001 et, existing tribes. 13 SEC. 2. FINDINGS. 14 Congress finds as follows: 15 (1) The American public

Management of Archeological Resources: The Airlie House Report

Management of Archeological Resources: The Airlie House Report, responsi­ ble for public programs which affect archeological resources and, ultimately, to every citizen,  The Management of Archeological Resources THE AIRLIE HOUSE REPORT edited by Charles R, Archaeology. The #tanagement f #Archeologicai Resources THE AIRLIE HOUSE REPORT edited, Audiences 79 Communication Among Active Participants 79 Communication to the General Public 84, review of state archeological programs which re­ sulted in the publication of the book Public


, tribes, and the public and provides critical resources to aid archaeologists in carrying out, . Unfortunately, for most of the public this history only begins in AD 1670 with the arrival of English, material heritage—its archaeological resources. As in 1931, the city is currently in the midst, to contribute to any exploration of America’s past. What is so often overlooked by the public and even, the lack thereof, along with the recent surge in public interest associated with excava- tions


Committee on Ranking Member, House Committee on Natural Resources Natural Resources 1324 Longworth, and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA). The bill would also, Resources to approve the measure as quickly as possible. Sincerely, Society for American Archaeology American Anthropological Association and AAA Archaeology Division American Cultural Resources, this understanding to the world’s most pressing problems. American Cultural Resources Association ACRA

Committee on Collections, Museums, and Curation Comments on Data Access and Archiving

memo’s specific call for public access using existing budgetary resources. The financial burden, , and digitized archaeological resources. It advises the Board on issues and policies relating to data access, for the public, industry, and the scientific community” to the “greatest extent and with the fewest, memo and NSF Public Access Plan], and ways to promote best practices in data creation, sharing, curation, and (re)use in archaeology”. After a thorough review of the OSTP memo and NSF’s Public


of Historical Resources (SHPO) is reviewing projects remotely. IA: Iowa’s Office of the State, —and hard copies are only sent if requested. No decline in number of submissions. Public engagement, activity. Some of these include: energy sector support, transportation and logistics support, public, and other resources needed to work from home. All SHPO staff has been working remotely since mid, issued at standard pace. All public outreach programs for the spring and summer are canceled. MS


Archaeology (SAA) thanks the Advisory Council (ACHP) for inviting public input on its formal, to them in the entire Southwest. The numerous known and as-yet unrecorded sites and resources, federal statutes, including the National Historic Preservation Act, the Archaeological Resources, . The first is the undertaking’s impact on irreplaceable heritage and spiritual resources. As you can see, cultural resources threatened by the mine. We cannot ignore, however, that the firm is partially