Advertise in the Final Program

The printed Final Program is distributed to all attendees onsite. Ads placed in the printed Final Program are also included in the PDF version posted to the SAA website and in the Advertisement section of the Meeting App.

The program is more than a schedule of events; it also serves as the profile of current archaeological research and is consulted by archaeologists, educators, students, and others throughout the year. 

Advertising Sponsorship Order Form

Insertion Orders are due by January 21, 2022.
Camera-ready copy due by January 29, 2022.


Trim4 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Screen133 to 150 line
All ads are in black and white 



Full Page$425
2-page spread$750
Cover 2 or 3 (inside covers)


Cover 4 (back cover) $1,200


Electronic Advertising Opportunities

Advance Registration E-mail Ads

Every year the SAA sends e-mail messages to registered attendees with important information about the meeting. The advance registration e-mails have an opening rate of up to 60%. Your ad can be included in one of these e-mails. Ads can include a 25-word description and a link to a web page of your choice.

Size: 424 (w) × 640 (h) pixels File: High-resolution JPG or PNG Due: November 30, 2021
Fee: $250.00

Daily E-newsletter Ad

Each day of the meeting, the SAA will be sending attendees an E-newsletter with highlights and events that should not be missed. Your ad, which will include a link to your page, could be featured in the newsletter. The E-Newsletters have a consistent open rate of 70% and were rated as one of the most valuable features of the 2021 SAA Annual Meeting Online based on survey results. This opportunity is limited to 8 companies, 2 ads per day!

Size: 2160 (w) × 540 (h) pixels File: High-resolution JPG or PNG Due: February 28, 2022
Fee: $250.00


Become a sponsor and increase your company’s visibility while setting yourself apart as a strong advocate for the archaeological profession! As a sponsor, you can keep your organization on the minds of meeting attendees, as all sponsors are widely acknowledged. 

Current sponsor opportunities can be found in the SAA Prospectus


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