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State Government Affairs Network Representatives (GANSRs)

The GANSR system is comprised of a volunteer member in each state to keep SAA updated on state-level legislative and regulatory issues affecting archaeology. The volunteers are connected electronically by SAA's Manager, Government Affairs, letting everyone know about state issues important to the archaeological record. This lets fellow archaeologists know when it's time to act on an issue before state legislatures and regulatory agencies, and to help rally national support when a federal matter is pending before Congress.

Nicholas Glass
Molly Proue
Caroline Klebacha
Jessica Kowalski

Scott Sunell

Meg Harper
Marion Almy
Maureen Meyers
Gregory Brown
Chris Fennell
Andrew Martin
Elizabeth Reetz
John Hoopes

Alex Bybee

Ryan Seideman
Bonnie Newsom
David Gadsby

Brona Simon

Cindy Carter-Davis
Jeffrey Alvey
Dave Williams
Robert Gelb

Jake Tumelaire

Christina Reith

Currently Vacant
Al Tonetti
Debra Green
Anna Neuzil
Sarah Neusius
Agamemnon Pantel
Gregory Dubell
Jonathan Leader
Andrew Gilreath-Brown
Steven Tomka
Angela Labrador

Giovanna Peebles
Carol Nash
Margaret Berger
Bob Maslowski
Seth Schneider