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Resources regarding “Forgotten Voices: The Inadequate Review and Improper Alteration of Our National, of scientific experts, Native American tribes, and those of the general public, in conducting its spring, . By the end of the review and its public comment period in July 2017, more than 2.4 million comments had, the overwhelming opposition of the public, the tribes, and expert stakeholders to the possibility, , unconstitutional, and harmful to the protection of irreplaceable archaeological resources: Numerous


of communities where resources are located. Case 1: Public Archaeology at SukeekÕs Cabin Site Jefferson, , and support the preservation of cultural resources that citizens value as important to a good, . Archaeology, especially public archaeol- ogy, can contribute to all of these goals through insistent, with the public archaeology program at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, a state-run facility dedicated to regional archaeology, and with the public schools. Calvert County has crafted policy to undergird


being offered in every quarter contain important archaeological and traditional cultural resources, Plan (RMP) has offered few opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed amendment, with the Mancos-Gallup Shale play in northwest New Mexico. The threat to sensitive cultural resources is heightened by the current administration, which aims to prioritize energy development on public lands, 26, 2018, BLM released a brief outline of amendment draft alternatives, but did not solicit public

Past 85th Annual Meeting Updates--COVID 19

the latest public health advisories and information available. At this time, we are planning, is closely following the news regarding coronavirus and the recommendations released by public health, Center and Austin Hilton are deploying additional resources to protect attendee safety, including


SEARCH JOIN SAA RENEW TAKE ACTIONLet your voice be heard! Contact your elected representatives about the importance of archaeology, or write an op-ed to expand public awareness about the value of our field, ! Find resources for archaeologists and educators to teach and outreach. PUBLICATIONSRead SAA’s, out this key service to our members, archaeologists, and the general public. MEMBER CENTER

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In 1996, the SAA Executive Board adopted the Principles of Archaeological Ethics, as proposed by the SAA Ethics in Archaeology Committee. These principles guide archaeologists "in negotiating the complex responsibilities they have to archaeological resources, and to all who have an interest in these resources or are otherwise affected by archaeological practice" (Lynott and Wylie 1995:8, , a webinar and virtual listening session and other activities to collect public comments will follow


Heritage has profound concerns that agencies will invoke the Order to limit public involvement, , and to limit consideration of impacts to heritage resources. The Executive Order directs agencies, effects of the public health emergency have improved enough to return to the normal course of business. · Some emergency authorities, such as those in NEPA, do not require public notice


has the potential to generate controversy, public engagement, and scholarly activism. Passionate public responses combined with scholarly commitment indicate the level of importance and depth, an African American history of place. For each of these sites, the public, stakeholders, descendant, heritage. At the African Burial Ground in New York City, for example, the public was involved, Burial Ground has been a site consistently marked by public stewardship. Through both public reaction


Orders Inconsistent with Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle, greatly weakened protections for heritage resources under Section 106. Section 106 and its, to the impacts of undertakings on heritage resources relied upon a deliberate misreading of the law, to working with you in the future on heritage resources protection. Sincerely, Deborah Nichols


of the general public, to make that importance clear. The SAA continues to support protection, is reckless for the BLM to finalize this document in the midst of a global health emergency, using public, not available, and we do not agree that they satisfy the public participation requirements of the National, to the Agencies’ attention at every public meeting since 2014 and in scoping comments. In response, was made in summer 2019 for this project, as reported at a public meeting. Through their contractor

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such as: Professional development Challenges and resources Serving public needs Business, and manages Navajo cultural resources across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, coordinating, . Deborah C. Cox, RPA The Public Archaeology Laboratory Inc. Ms. Cox has 40 years of experience, of Public Archaeology Laboratory since its inception, Ms. Cox has been directly responsible for all aspects

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9, 2021, the week before the SAA 86th Annual Meeting Online. All members of the public are invited, Center Beer Making in Ancient China Additional Resources Exploring Archaeology in California: A PDF [461 KB] of resources for getting involved in archaeology in California, made for the National, help you find an archaeologist to contact near you. If you have questions about archaeology resources, possible through donations to the Public Education Endowment Fund


upon the cultural resources of the United States. As such, it is vital that the regulations framing, to maximize protections for cultural resources. A. General Comments: 1. The shift from the 300, expertise to make decisions impacting natural and cultural resources. Additionally, given that many, . We also agree with the considered requirement that regional districts post and solicit public, by states, tribes, and EPA also be posted means that longer timelines for public comment may

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techniques in CRM projects and his role in establishing and guiding the American Cultural Resources, curation and collections management through numerous books, publications, and public presentations over twenty-five years.Award for Excellence in Public Education: Magic Mountain Community Archaeology, and public outreach.Fryxell Award for Interdisciplinary Research: M. Steven ShackleyFor his pioneering, , and public engagement, as well as professional and institutional leadership. 2019 Presidential Recognition


 24 The SAA Archaeological Record ¥ March 2005 MEMORY, CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, AND THE PUBLIC MEANING, to engage a larger public. Public places, like county, state, and national parks, can reach thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people every year. Interpreters and archaeologists at public places have a tremendous responsibility to the profession and the public to make archaeology a central, , descendant communities, and the protection of archaeological resources. These are important issues

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archaeological resources in the United States. The What is the NPHA? [PDF 1.3 MB] fact-sheet from SAA helps, coastlines. Your State Historic Preservation Office or Department of Natural Resources can direct you, into law. This established the first broad legal protection of cultural and natural resources in the United, resources, and to all who have an interest in these resources or are otherwise affected, for Archaeologists, includes a range of resources related to ethics in archaeology. The World Archaeological

Avocational Archaeology

state's Historic Preservation Office or Department of Natural Resources to see if they offer a site, is against the law—on public land like state and national parks or on tribal lands. Removing artifacts from, information.How can I volunteer on a dig? There are both private and public organizations that offer, lodging and meals. Public agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service and the National Park Service, public events and opportunities to participate. You can also contact your State Archaeologist

Paul Reed written testimony House subcomm hearing April 15 2019

 1 Written Testimony House Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources Field Hearing, of the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on the impacts of oil, Shale play in northwest New Mexico has been threatening fragile Chaco‐affiliated cultural resources, resources is heightened by several mid‐2017 executive and secretarial orders from the Trump administration that aim to prioritize energy development on public lands. In fact, over the past year‐ 2

Task Force on Digital Access and Archives Report

the OSTP memo’s specific call for public access using existing budgetary resources. The financial burden, of federally funded scientific research to be made available and “useful for the public, industry, with “examining and identifying areas of agreement, disagreement [with the OSTP memo and NSF Public, in archaeology”. After a thorough review of the OSTP memo and NSF’s Public Access Plan, the six, by federal funding is largely supported by contracts and projects through cultural resources management


your agency for its thorough public consultation that the USFS has engaged upon in the drafting, resources organizations, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s redline document, and review of the HIP. If that is the case, we believe the development of the HIP be part of public scoping and included in environmental assessments and environmental impact statements for public, ...” Will the HIP be included in the NEPA document (EA, EIS) for public comment and review? The HIP is central