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. Inclusion of cultural resources must be presented in a manner that the public can understand, resources. But it is equally important to preserve our shared cultural heritage. Without, are, and even less where you’re going. As we work to conserve our natural resources and all of the benefits and essentials that come with them, we must also work to preserve our cultural resources. Our, —there are few better resources to consult when devising solutions than the archaeological record

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. We recommend that the Board form a standing Committee on the Public Benefits of Archaeology, on Valuing Archaeology requests that the Board approve the creation of a standing Committee on the Public, identified include the following: Internal SAA Resources On the new SAA webpages, the Directory, that concern the general public. Media Relations Committee (Chair: Kristina Killgrove) (From, in a positive framework. Among its projects is the oversight of the Press Office at the annual meeting. Public


in their public lands, the traffic places nearby archaeological resources in jeopardy, unless adequate, recommendations for Fiscal Year 2021 cultural resources program appropriations. SAA is an international, for cultural resources preservation in the FY2020 Interior Appropriations bill. The federal, of the historic and cultural resources conservation work in the nation. The benefits of this work, some of the nation’s most important archaeological, historic, and cultural resources, both on site


resources, encourage public access to and appreciation of archaeology, and oppose all looting, , Public Relations Bonnier Corporation 2 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 Dear Mr. Haegerstrand, and recognizes that such commodification results in the destruction of archaeological sites; and Public Education and Outreach, which underscores the importance of promoting public support for the protection, that archaeological sites on U.S. public lands are protected by the 1906 Antiquities Act and the 1979


resources are seen as inextricably linked. PUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY FROM GOVERNMENT PERSPECTIVES Figure,  24 The SAA Archaeological Record ¥ September 2006 CULTURAL RESOURCES REVIEW IN CALVERT COUNTY, for the evaluation of cultural resources but equivocate on the responsibility to protect, preserve, of a historic structure on a subdivision, and the planning commission PUBLIC ARCHAEOLOGY FROM, a public road to serve a new ofÞce building. The hoe has just uncovered the base of a brick foundation 10


Member Senate Committee on Energy Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and Natural Resources 304 Dirksen Senate Building 304 Dirksen Senate Building Washington, DC 20510 Washington, DC, , as well as natural resources and conservation non-profits for more than 25 years, for the preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Mr. Sams’ work on natural resources conservation, and climate change, arguably the most important issue facing our public lands. It is our hope that he


to the public/stakeholders; and technical approaches to mapping aquatic resources. On the whole, ’s commitment to heritage preservation. Supported by the American Cultural Resources Association, some of the greatest impacts on America’s cultural resources. The Coalition appreciates the initiative, is a Considerable Undertaking and Should Allow for Additional Public Comment Time and More Stakeholder, by providing the public with an appropriate level of input. This rule seeks to supersede the 2015

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and Public Works 410 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 The Honorable Tom Carper Ranking Member U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works 456 Dirksen Senate, on Energy and Natural Resources 304 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510 The Honorable Joe Manchin Ranking Member U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources 304 Dirksen, Resources Association, the Society for Historical Archaeology, the American Anthropological Association


Resources regarding “Forgotten Voices: The Inadequate Review and Improper Alteration of Our National, of scientific experts, Native American tribes, and those of the general public, in conducting its spring, . By the end of the review and its public comment period in July 2017, more than 2.4 million comments had, the overwhelming opposition of the public, the tribes, and expert stakeholders to the possibility, , unconstitutional, and harmful to the protection of irreplaceable archaeological resources: Numerous


of communities where resources are located. Case 1: Public Archaeology at SukeekÕs Cabin Site Jefferson, , and support the preservation of cultural resources that citizens value as important to a good, . Archaeology, especially public archaeol- ogy, can contribute to all of these goals through insistent, with the public archaeology program at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, a state-run facility dedicated to regional archaeology, and with the public schools. Calvert County has crafted policy to undergird


of 2022 Before Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands House Committee on Natural Resources April 28, 2022 The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is pleased to present, support the legislation, and urge its swift adoption by the full House Committee on Natural Resources, , historic houses, and local governments who catalog and preserve historic resources. It, resources—if any—will be mitigated. The mitigation work itself is usually carried out by private


being offered in every quarter contain important archaeological and traditional cultural resources, Plan (RMP) has offered few opportunities for the public to comment on the proposed amendment, with the Mancos-Gallup Shale play in northwest New Mexico. The threat to sensitive cultural resources is heightened by the current administration, which aims to prioritize energy development on public lands, 26, 2018, BLM released a brief outline of amendment draft alternatives, but did not solicit public

Past 85th Annual Meeting Updates--COVID 19

the latest public health advisories and information available. At this time, we are planning, is closely following the news regarding coronavirus and the recommendations released by public health, Center and Austin Hilton are deploying additional resources to protect attendee safety, including


has the potential to generate controversy, public engagement, and scholarly activism. Passionate public responses combined with scholarly commitment indicate the level of importance and depth, an African American history of place. For each of these sites, the public, stakeholders, descendant, heritage. At the African Burial Ground in New York City, for example, the public was involved, Burial Ground has been a site consistently marked by public stewardship. Through both public reaction


Heritage has profound concerns that agencies will invoke the Order to limit public involvement, , and to limit consideration of impacts to heritage resources. The Executive Order directs agencies, effects of the public health emergency have improved enough to return to the normal course of business. · Some emergency authorities, such as those in NEPA, do not require public notice

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In 1996, the SAA Executive Board adopted the Principles of Archaeological Ethics, as proposed by the SAA Ethics in Archaeology Committee. These principles guide archaeologists "in negotiating the complex responsibilities they have to archaeological resources, and to all who have an interest in these resources or are otherwise affected by archaeological practice" (Lynott and Wylie 1995:8, , a webinar and virtual listening session and other activities to collect public comments will follow


 January 21, 2022 I am Dr. Kimball Banks, a Registered Professional Archaeologist and chairman of the Society for American Archaeology’s Government Affairs Committee. The SAA thanks the Department of Interior hosting these listening sessions to gather public input on the American Conservation, on cultural as well as natural resources that have been protected by the ATB. Second, with the above being said, some of the cultural resources that will be impacted by the ATB could be of a highly


Committee on Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Energy and Natural Resources 304 Dirksen, on Energy and Natural Resources holds another vote on the nomination of Sarah Bronin to the chairmanship, decision-making when it comes to cultural resources protection will find it difficult to perform, Preservation Officers, as well as the archaeologists in both the public and private sectors who carry out, and Natural Resources on November 18, 2021. While we recognize that some concerns have been raised


of the general public, to make that importance clear. The SAA continues to support protection, is reckless for the BLM to finalize this document in the midst of a global health emergency, using public, not available, and we do not agree that they satisfy the public participation requirements of the National, to the Agencies’ attention at every public meeting since 2014 and in scoping comments. In response, was made in summer 2019 for this project, as reported at a public meeting. Through their contractor

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such as: Professional development Challenges and resources Serving public needs Business, and manages Navajo cultural resources across Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, coordinating, . Deborah C. Cox, RPA The Public Archaeology Laboratory Inc. Ms. Cox has 40 years of experience, of Public Archaeology Laboratory since its inception, Ms. Cox has been directly responsible for all aspects