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-Racist ResourcesUse this form to share anti-racist resources & recommendations with SAA.View the compiled anti-racist resources.Track SAA’s ProgressView the progress of the SAA Task Force on Social, reshaped education and academic practices, and the sharing of resources has become even more important to how we learn. SAA’s goal is to connect our members, and the public, with resources they can use to teach and learn remotely. Use this form to share educational resources & recommendations

Teaching Archaeology Guidelines

of a nation's cultural, or heritage, resources.Archaeological, ethnographic, and historical resources add, by cultural resourcesCultural resources provide a perspective on our own time and place, special educational value, SAA formed the Public Education Committee in 1990 to address issues of public awareness and education. In 1995, the committee published Archaeology in the Classroom, , members of the public often have inaccurate ideas about what archaeologists do and the populations

Austin Public Archaeology Day

Austin Public Archaeology Day, Austin Public Archaeology Day has been cancelled. For more information, please read, for a celebration of archaeology! Austin Public Archaeology Day will run from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 25, 2020 during the SAA Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. All members of the public, , and fun educational resources.This event is free and does not require a meeting registration, below. Public Archaeology Day is supported by the generous donors of the SAA's Public Education

Archaeology Outreach Skills & Strategies

information and resources to the public. The National Park Service in cooperation with the Center, or field, there are best practices for including and engaging the public in archaeology. Public, , and audience. Doing public archaeology is not just about slides with less jargon or the proper booklet for a site tour. Below are some tried and true resources and techniques for bringing archaeology to the public.Professional DevelopmentSources on Public Archaeology [PDF 189 KB]This bibliography

Resources for Safe Work Culture

Resources for Safe Work Culture, SEARCH Training ResourcesReporting, a list of resources and references for building a safe and inclusive work culture. The resources and references below stem from that list.Training ResourcesSAA Background and Resource Guide, Intervention Tips [PDF 23 KB].Step Up! Bystander Intervention ProgramA collection of resources, intervention include discrimination and sexual assault.Safe Zone ProjectOnline resources for LGBTQ


: Teresa Pinter [Public Education] email: Jamie Brandon, ) characterizing cultural resource man- agement (CRM) as Òa component of public and applied archaeology.Ó, resources.Ó Firm F, sharing WellsÕ simplistic assumption about what ÒCRMÓ is, subcontracts with Public Archaeology United (PAU) to do its CRM study. PAU Þnds all the archaeo- logical sites, of Project AÓÑand abstracts it as its EIAÕs Òcultural resourcesÓ section. F also, we should note

What is Public Archaeology

What is Public Archaeology, started using the term "public archaeology," it referred to archaeological projects funded by the public. Later, it took on meanings that included activities that engage the public in archaeology, archaeologists engage with communities, goes far beyond this. Public archaeologists investigate the outcomes of the various innovative ways we can engage the public in archaeological research as an audience, as clients, and as equal partners.There are different areas of specialization within public

Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act and National Historic Preservation Act

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) are both process-based requirements. This means that they can be open to interpretation and must follow a process to show that programs and projects have done their due diligence to consider potential impacts to the environment and the public. Archaeologists and cultural resource managers who work to support government agencies often prepare NEPA documents, cultural resources reports, development

SAA 2020 Online Archaeology Week Round-Up

in the public event in Austin. Discover those resources below.Archaeological Tea-construction, Due to the cancellation of SAA’s Austin Public Archaeology Day, we celebrated public archaeology online the week of April 27-May 3! SAA social media accounts posted videos and resources, , and other public archaeology events or activities, collected here by the Archaeology Education, organizations.Archaeology Short Takes: the Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) promotes the conservation


 18 The SAA Archaeological Record ¥ March 2005 The public meaning of archaeology and the roles, of national, ethnic, and community identity. Archaeol- ogy presented and discussed in public places has, , and education in our nationÕs public parks and historical sites. The articles discuss the public meaning, communities. Federal agencies have a mandate for public outreach about archaeology in the Archaeological Resources Protection Act. In her article, Barbara Little describes the Òshared competencyÓ

Mission & Goals

by promoting research, stewardship of archaeological resources, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge. To serve the public interest, SAA seeks the widest possible engagement, research and disseminates archaeological knowledge to the professional community and to the public, in the legislative and public policy arenas.SAA provides an effective and flexible structure for the Society's

CRM in Latin America

This course will be presented in Spanish. Cultural resources management (CRM) around the world emerged within a context of economic growth. Infrastructure development, its main instrument, poses great risk to the preservation of heritage resources. CRM is a thriving industry contributing strongly to a country’s economy, while preserving heritage resources in the context of complex public, being invited to Latin America to invest and exploit natural and cultural resources, archaeologists

Teaching Archaeology Sampler

Culture History Public Education Committee The Multidisciplinary Science of Archaeology Avery Island: Archaeology and Geology in Louisiana Stewardship of Cultural Resources Archaeology: A Conservation, for American Archaeology 3 Introduction Since 1990, the Public Education Committee of the Society, education into the classroom. We often receive requests for teaching resources, background, of the Public Education Committee are eager to help teachers teach the meaning and the methods

Cultural Resources Sign-on Letter re BLM reorganization11.25.19.FINAL

Cultural Resources Sign-on Letter re BLM reorganization11.25.19.FINAL, to steward cultural resources on public lands for the benefit of all Americans. In addition, Representative, , and paleontological resources on public lands, the cultural resources program also coordinates and consults, Conservancy American Cultural Resources Association / Archaeology Southwest National Association, committed to preserving our nation’s heritage and protecting cultural resources, we are profoundly, to halt actions that would diminish management of cultural resources. In testimony before the House


resources located on this public land. We urge the House to reject H.R. 687. Thank you very much, and Leader Pelosi, The Society for American Archaeology (SAA), the American Cultural Resources, , September 26. Passage of the bill would prevent those cultural resources potentially impacted, resources managers, and researchers, who understand the very difficult economic situation facing, with the preservation of cultural and historical resources important to the American people. Our concern

Centers of Public Archaeology

Centers of Public Archaeology, have an ethical obligation to include the public in their work, these organizations aim to improve society's relationship with archaeological resources through dedicated study of public dialogue, of Florida whose mission it is to “educate the public about the wealth of archaeological resources, not-for-profit organization that “promotes and facilitates the study and public understanding, , and community events.The Center for Public Archaeology at Hofstra UniversityThe Center for Public

March 1

sector as well as avocational archaeologists and interested members of the public. SAA has members, resources cannot be overstated. Section 106 of the Act requires federal project managers to take into account the impacts of their undertakings on historic properties and resources, and establishes a consultative review process to carry out that requirement. Weighing the public’s interest in protecting, of archaeological, historical, and cultural resources; significant resources that could not be avoided have


and matching grants to states to catalog and preserve their historic resources. Without the HPF, million for Save America’s Treasures (up from $13 million). NPS Operations Cultural Resources, important archaeological, historic, and cultural resources, both on site and in museum collections, unacceptable slashing of the cultural resources budget that would have devastated the stewardship, archaeological resources in parks; produces archaeological technical and programmatic publications

For the Public Webpages Task Force Report

For the Public Webpages Task Force Report, more SAA For the Public Webpages Task Force Report January 2016 17 educational resources, /resources/SAAlessons.html 1,460 (2.81%) 0:01:29 7. /publicftp/public/fun/movies.html 2,114 (4.07%) 0, /dinosaurs.html 1,310 (2.52%) 0:03:10 10. /publicftp/public/resources/lessonplans.html 1,007 (1.94, :03:45 5. /publicftp/public/faqs/students.html 4,040 (4.89%) 0:02:50 6. /publicftp/public/resources, %) 0:03:10 8. /publicftp/public/resources/lessonplans.html 1,725 (2.09%) 0:02:52 9. /publicftp/public


’s updates, on the grounds that they will undermine sound environmental and cultural resources, to public scoping. 4. There are difficulties with the proposal’s choice of words. As the SAA, and concisely communicate the environmental effects of a proposed action to the public and decision maker." For the public to understand fully effects of an action, the effects must be communicated in a manner that the public can understand. Public involvement is the heart of the NEPA process. The SAA