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High-Quality Artifact Photography on a Desktop

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High-Quality Artifact Photography on a Desktop

When: September 17, 2020 2:00-3:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour

Certification: RPA-certified


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David Knoerlein is the vice president of FDI Precision Photography. He is a Certified Evidence Photographer (Evidence Photographers International Council/Professional Photographers of America), with over 30 years experience in forensic photography in law enforcement. Mr. Knoerlein spent 3 years in Iraq in charge of all photography for the Mass Graves Investigation Team. Applying these skills to archaeology, he has worked with the Veterans Curation Program (VCP) for 10 years, designing and installing all the photographic stations at their labs. He provides one-on-one artifact photography training for veterans in the VCP program as well as the lab managers.


This course will be a live demonstration of professional photographic techniques used to produce high-quality diagnostic images of artifacts using a tabletop camera setup. The topics to be covered include: basic equipment and software, basic camera settings, composition, and exposure. The instructor will also demonstrate creative lighting to show surface details without shadows without the need for Photoshop. Additionally, the instructor will make recommendations for quality control procedures to ensure consistency.
  1. Understanding of basic photographic principles as it applies to artifact photography
  2. How to get museum quality images every time
  3. How to develop and maintain a quality control program to insure consistency