Past Seminars

An Introduction to Effective Mentoring in Archaeology

Mentoring is one of the keys to success in the academic and professional world. It contributes to the acquisition of skills and knowledge, while providing needed socialization and personal support to ensure success in work and learning environments. Despite the science-backed advantages of effective mentorship, mentoring is a skill that is rarely taught. The goal of this seminar is to provide archaeologists with an introduction to the key principles of good mentoring and to define the roles and responsibilities of mentors and mentees. We will learn why mentoring cannot be equated to teaching, coaching, or advising. Participants will be provided with tools to create an inclusive mentoring environment and foster effective mentor-mentee relationships. We will also explore how mentees can identify potential mentors and enter beneficial, reciprocal mentoring relationships. The seminar is intended for both academic and non-academic archaeologists at any career stage who have little to no mentoring experience or who want to sharpen their mentoring skills.