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[Foundational Skills] Advocacy for Archaeologists: Building Strong Relationships with Local, State, and Federal Policymakers

When: December 08, 2022 1:00-2:00 PM ET

Duration: 1 hour

Certification: RPA-certified


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Suanna Selby Crowley, PhD, RPA, HeadFort Consulting, LLC

Also known as "Dr. Dirt" for her domestic and international work in CRM, heritage preservation, and geoarchaeology, Suanna Selby Crowley is an applied anthropologist with a background in digital media, public relations, fundraising, and advocacy. On a mission to make information resonant, Dr. Crowley conducts and supports research and policy initiatives across the hard and social sciences to better communicate the data that impacts our lives—even “breaking the internet” in 2019 with a custom media plan for Harvard
University and the Smithsonian Institution. Originally from Washington, D.C., she is the founder of HeadFort Consulting, LLC, in Greater Boston, and teams with global clients, research collaborations, and individuals to amplify discovery and cultural understanding. Connect with Dr. Crowley on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Archaeology and archaeological resources are in the spotlight as never before. Digital, print, and traditional media raise tremendous awareness for discoveries and cultural data. This enhanced visibility means that researchers and historic preservation professionals need better tools to shape policy on issues such as preservation, repatriation, funding, access, and equity. How can archaeologists become skilled advocates for important research and resources? This workshop will introduce the methods and best practices of cultivating outreach to federal, state, and local policymakers. Learn how to start the conversation, create impact, and follow up with lawmakers for positive change.
  1. Explain best practices and approaches to advocacy with federal, state, and local policymakers
  2. Describe the structure of a typical advocacy meeting and to outline a conversational script appropriate for federal, state, and local policymakers
  3. Highlight the importance of building robust quantitative and qualitative approaches through a case for support and through storytelling
  4. Describe the process of building a relationship with policymakers through follow-up and continued partnership