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State Archaeology Celebration Poster Award

Nomination/Submission Deadline: 01 Mar 2022

Award Guidelines

Award Description

This award is presented to the state or community whose poster in honor of Archaeology Week or Month best exemplifies the vibrant role played by archaeology, heritage, and preservation within the community. The contest was traditionally held at the SAA Annual Meeting, where attendees voted for first, second, and third-place winners. Voting is now conducted online during the time around the Annual Meeting and open to the public.

The State Archaeology Celebration Poster Award is sponsored by the Public Education Committee and the Council of Allied Societies. The contest is possible through the support of members and the Public Education Endowment Fund.

Who Is Eligible to Submit Nominations or Apply for the Award

Any State Archaeology Celebration poster between March 2021 and March 2022 will be considered.

Nomination/Submission Materials Required

  1. Send a physical copy of the poster (or two, if the poster is double-sided) to the contact address below by the deadline. These copies will be displayed at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Email a digital image file of the poster to by the deadline.
  3. Either in the body of the email or as an attachment, please provide written permission to display poster images on the SAA website, social media, and in the Council of Allied Societies newsletter.
  4. Either in the body of the email or as an attachment, please provide written acknowledgement that content of the poster and the submitting individual/organization/agency/etc. agree with SAA's Principles of Archaeological Ethics. Failure to adhere to these principles could result in the rejection of the submission.
Please do not hang any posters that have not been entered into the contest or additional materials on the display boards. Do not leave materials on the floor or tables around the display boards, keeping that area clear.

Contact Address

Society for American Archaeology
Education and Outreach
1990 K St. NW #401
Washington, DC 20006

Past Awardees

View the archive of past Archaeology Celebration Award winning posters, going back to the first contest in 1996.