Student Affairs Committee

Welcome Students!

The Student Affairs Committee (SAC) works with the Board to generate new methods for recruiting students into the society and works toward the integration of students as professionals in archaeology.

This Committee is composed of seven members (including a chair and a vice chair), a Board liaison, and a network of campus representatives across the world. We are constantly looking for eager and energetic archaeologists to help us further our goals and expand the services of the student affairs committee.

Each year, the Committee meets officially at the SAA Annual Meeting to discuss the year's activities, make announcements, appoint new members, and plan for the coming year.

Annual Meeting Activities

At each Annual Meeting, the Committee organizes at least one session designed specifically for students. Students make up approximately 27 percent of the SAA membership. You can do your part by becoming involved or letting us know how we can better meet your needs as a student member of the Society.

On Wednesday evening of our Annual Meeting, the SAA Board of Directors and Cambridge University Press sponsors the Student Welcome Reception. This event is a great way for students to kick off the meeting and provides an opportunity to mingle with the Board and each other while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Keep in Touch!

The SAC maintains a facebook group. This is a great way to keep in touch with your questions, comments, calls for papers, anything that you feel needs to be shared with the student community.

If you require any further information regarding the Student Affairs Committee and its activities, please contact the current committee chair.