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Government Affairs Program

Representing the archaeological community before the U.S. Congress, the White House, federal agencies, and among its colleagues in the historic preservation community, SAA is recognized as a leading voice in support of archaeology.

SAA's government affairs program is comprised of the Government Affairs Committee, which works in combination with the Board of Directors and the Manager, Government Affairs, in developing positions on public policy. If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact gov_affairs@saa.org.



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SAA, preservation groups file amicus brief in support of National Monument plaintiffs

November 19, 2018

SAA sends letter to Arizona governor regarding Lake Havasu controversy

November 12, 2018

SAA sends comment letter on draft Amity Pueblo conservation plan

September 10, 2018

SAA, Coalition file comments in support of strong NEPA regulations

August 20, 2018

SAA, Coalition oppose waiver of preservation laws in construction of border wall

August 16, 2018

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage file comments on FERC certification of new natural gas facilities

July 25, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage sends letter opposing House Farm Bill forest provisions

July 19, 2018

SAA, preservation groups send letter urging increased funding for Historic Preservation Fund

July 17, 2018

Preservation groups endorse legislation to protect Chaco Heritage

July 12, 2018

Coalition for American Heritage supports bill to extend Bank Secrecy Act to dealers in art and antiquities

May 29, 2018

Preservation groups sign letter in support of Save America's Treasures

April 26, 2018

SAA letter to Arizona governor in opposition to anti-preservation state bill

April 19, 2018

Coalition for American Heritage letter on infrastructure and historic preservation

April 9, 2018

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage send letter in opposition to anti-preservation Arizona bill

April 6, 2018

SAA submits comments on proposed reconsideration of Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

March 18, 2018

SAA expresses support for continued U.S. involvement in UNESCO and World Heritage Program

February 8, 2018

SAA testifies against H.R. 4532, the Shash Ja'a National Monument and Indian Creek National Monument Act

January 30, 2018

SAA comments on World Bank Draft Guidance Notes for Borrowers

December 13, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage statement in opposition to reduction of National Monuments

December 4, 2017

SAA and other groups send letter in support of NEPA

November 28, 2017

Dr. Mitch Hendrickson testifies in favor of renewal of bilateral agreement with Cambodia

October 23, 2017

SAA, other groups issue statement regarding U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO

October 16, 2017

Online seminar on best practices for federal advocacy

October 13, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage submit comments to Army Corps on request for input

September 18, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage submit comments to DOT request for input

July 24, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage submit responses to BLM questionnaire

July 24, 2017

SAA submits comments to State Department on Libya request

July 10, 2017

SAA submits testimony on FY2018 appropriations

May 26, 2017

SAA, preservation groups urge increased funding for battlefields protections

May 22, 2017

Department of Interior requests public comments on recent National Monument designations

May 11, 2017

SAA, Coalition for American Heritage submit comments on FCC proposed rulemaking

April 13, 2017

SAA joins coalition in support of National Science Foundation research funding

April 3, 2017

House Members Support Increase in Historic Preservation Fund

March 30, 2017

Dr. K. Anne Pyburn testifies in favor of renewal of agreement with Belize to protect archaeological materials

March 21, 2017

SAA joins multisociety coalition letter concerning Executive Order on immigration

January 31, 2017

SAA joins ASOR statement of concern regarding Executive Order on immigration

January 30, 2017

NPS releases cultural resources and climate change strategy

January 6, 2017