Award Details


Institute for Field Research Annual Meeting Travel Award for Undergraduates

Nomination/Submission Deadline: 01 Feb 2020

Award Description

The Institute for Field Research (IFR) believes in immersion experiences and the power of mentorship to change the lives of aspiring scholars. To that end, the IFR has donated $2,000 to the Society for American Archaeology to support undergraduate student travel to attend the 2020 SAA Annual Meeting. The SAA will select several qualified undergraduate students from a pool of applicants, on a competitive basis, to receive travel awards up to $1,000.  

Who Is Eligible to Submit Nominations or Apply for the Award

To be eligible for this award an applicant must be (1) a member of the SAA in good standing, (2) currently enrolled as a full-time student in a college or university undergraduate program, and (3) at least 18 years old at the time the 2020 SAA Annual Meeting begins. Any student may apply regardless of school, national origin, citizenship, residence, gender, race, color, religion, gender identity, or disability.

Nomination/Submission Materials Required

The application materials should have a cover letter (500 words maximum) that includes, (1) an explanation of your goals for attending the SAA Annual Meeting; (2) how attending would further your academic or life goals; (3) how you would participate in the Annual Meeting; (4) who will be submitting a letter of recommendation; (5) a brief description of your travel plans; and (6) how much you are requesting (up to $1,000). In addition, the application should include, (1) a budget on separate sheet that itemizes your expected expenses (up to $1,000) and other sources of support; and (2) an unofficial copy of your current college transcript that shows courses, grades, and GPA. 

Submit materials to the Committee Chair: Scott Van Keuren, Department of Anthropology, University of Vermont, Email: 

Other Special Requirements


Nature of Award (e.g. monetary, medal, symposium)

Students may apply for travel awards up to $1,000. The total pool of funds each year is limited to $2,000 which will be allocated to multiple students based on the quality of their application and the amount of funding requested. In addition to receiving funding to support travel and participation in the meeting, award winners will be invited for dinner with attending IFR Academic Board Members, so that they may learn more about the board members’ career paths and board members may learn more about the students’ aspirations. The award may cover costs of airfare or other means of travel to the conference site, room and board, and registration fees associated with attending the 2020 SAA Annual Meeting.  

Current Committee Charge

The IFR Annual Meeting Travel Award Committee will oversee the application, selection, and award process and will be responsible for reviewing applications, selecting award recipients, and determining the amount of funding that should be awarded to each student.

Award Sponsor:  Institute for Field Research (

Committee Composition

Committee composition is one chair and at least four members. 

Term Length

The chair and committee members serve single staggered terms of no more than three years. Terms begin and end at the close of the Business Meeting held during the SAA Annual Meeting in the years specified in the term. 

Award Cycle


Committee Chair and End of Term

Scott Van Keuren [2020]

Committee Chair Contact Information

Scott Van Keuren, Department of Anthropology, 72 University Place, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont, 05405. Tel: (802) 656-8546, Email:

Committee Members and Ends of Terms

Sara K. Becker [2020], Mary Ann Levine [2020], Jane D. Peterson [2020],  Andrea Palmiotto [2022], Sarah C. Sherwood [2022]

Selection or Evaluation Criteria

The Travel Award winners will be selected on the basis of their complete application package including coursework, application letter, support letter, and budget.

Committee Deliberation Process (e.g. dates, venue)

After the application deadline, each committee member will review the application materials and rank the applicants. The rankings will be submitted to the Committee Chair, who will compile and circulate the rankings and organize a conference call or email discussion to select the award recipient and determine the amount of the award. The award winners would be notified no later than March 1, 2020.  

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