88th Annual Meeting FAQ

All SAA 88th Annual Meeting attendees 6 months and older will need to upload proof of vaccination and at least one booster to 42chat (our external vendor) by March 16. Step-by-step instructions on how to upload the vaccination records to 42chat are available here.


2023 Vaccination Requirement

The SAA’s vendor, 42chat, has been used successfully by several large associations, such as the American Anthropological Association and the Geological Society of America. Their site is compliant with GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. See more: https://www.42chat.com/privacy-policy/. No SAA staff will see information uploaded by advance registrants, although SAA staff will receive status reports on advance registrants who have not completed their vaccination validation so we can follow up with registrants who may be unaware of the requirement.

If the vendor 42chat does not approve your proof of vaccination and you wish to request a refund, please email the vendor rejection to meetings@saa.org so we can refund your registration. 

If a document is rejected, 42chat provides an explanation with the notification sent to you. You are encouraged to upload a new document, based on the information from the vendor. Keep in mind that SAA staff are not involved in these decisions, and we cannot provide assistance beyond referring you back to our vendor.

To protect the health and safety of all meeting attendees, unvaccinated people will not be permitted to take part in the meeting. If you decide that you do not wish to be vaccinated, please let us know in writing by March 1, 2023, in order to receive a full refund. 

Please send any additional questions to meetings@saa.org so we can help you and enhance this FAQ.

2023 Program

Due to high costs, presenters in general sessions, symposia, and poster sessions will not have virtual presentation options at the 2023 annual meeting. 

SAA members who planned to present in symposia and general sessions but are unable to come to Portland and who want to remain on the program may reach out to their session chairs to ask if they would be willing to play a recording of a presenter who is unable to attend. Session chairs will be responsible for downloading presentations and bringing a laptop with those presentations to the session room if they are able to accommodate the request.

Presenters in forums, lightning rounds, and electronic symposia should reach out to their session organizers and ask if the session will be taking advantage of the robust internet capability. 

General sessions and symposia will not be able to add new participants. 

Forums, lighting rounds, and electronic symposia sessions that are taking advantage of the hybrid option can add presenters as long as they are registered for the meeting and have an active SAA membership by January 30, 2023.

Planning for each annual meeting begins immediately following the previous annual meeting. Venue session and event rooms are specifically configured for the SAA annual meeting. Each room is set up with furniture (e.g., head table, chairs) and audiovisual equipment (projector, sound patch, etc.). Vendors hire labor to set up the rooms and ensure the equipment is on-site for our meeting. In some cases, vendors ship equipment to our conference venue (such as when they need to ensure there are enough sound patches to cover all our concurrent rooms). Changes to the sets at the last minute are, at best, costly and, at worst, impossible, because the labor or the equipment is not available to rent.

Thanks to the work of the Virtual Components Task Force, the Portland meeting will offer robust internet for forums, lighting rounds, and electronic symposia. Organizers of those session types (forums, lighting rounds, and electronic symposia) have the option of taking advantage of the robust internet connection and allowing presenters to participate virtually. 

This year, presenters will be able to present virtually, but we will not have the option for virtual attendance.

Sadly, the cost for robust internet for each room is very expensive, and there is little room to negotiate. The SAA Board understands that members would like synchronous sessions that have remote and in-person presenters (technology that raises the cost of the meeting) and members would also like meeting registration rates to remain as low as possible. To find the right hybrid solution for our community, the staff and board need to keep experimenting so that we can balance these two opposing needs.

Yes! The posters submitted for the State Archaeology Celebration Poster Contest will be displayed at the annual meeting in Portland and on the SAA website. Voting will take place entirely online, like the past three years. This year, anyone will be eligible to vote along with SAA members and meeting registrants. Entries are being accepted now through March 1, and the contest will open for voting later in March. Support local heritage and your favorite design by viewing the posters and voting: www.saa.org/postercontest. The contest is sponsored by the SAA’s Public Education Committee and the Council of Allied Societies and is made possible through donations to the Public Education Endowment Fund.

This year we will not have the option to upload posters. In the past two years that we’ve had the e-Posters option available, less than 50% of posters were uploaded to the annual meeting site, which didn’t justify the $10,000 the SAA spent on building websites for e-Posters.


  • May 03, 2022

    Submission System Opens

  • September 08, 2022

    Submission Deadline 3PM EDT

  • November 10, 2022

    Meeting Payment Confirmations Sent

  • November 15, 2022

    Membership Join Deadline for Nonmember Participants

  • December 01, 2022

    Withdrawal Deadline

  • December 06, 2022

    Participation Decision Letters from Program Committee

  • January 30, 2023

    Membership Renewal Deadline for Current Member Participants