Frequently Asked Questions About Archaeology and Archaeologists

The Society for American Archaeology receives many inquires from students and from the general public asking about archaeology. This page answers some of the most frequently asked questions, or you can link to our "Questions asked by students" page for more. There are also links to other web sites that can help answer your questions.


Questions About: Finding and Identifying Artifacts…

  • I found an artifact that I would like to learn more about -- how can I get it identified?
  • Can you tell me how much my artifact or collection is worth?

Questions About: Getting Involved In Archaeology…

  • Are there any training programs for amateur archaeologists?
  • How can I find a dig to volunteer on?
  • I want to work on a dig but I can’t travel far. How can I find a dig near where I live?
  • Can I get involved in archaeology in middle or high school?

Questions About: Archaeology As A Career…

  • Where do archaeologists work?
  • What do archaeologists DO?
  • How much money do archaeologists make?
  • Are there many jobs in archaeology?
  • How many hours a week/day do archaeologists work?
  • Do archaeologists travel a lot?

Questions About: Preparing for A Hobby and A Career in Archaeology…

  • What kind of education do I need to become an archaeologist?
  • What classes should I take in high school if I want to be an archaeologist
  • What college should I attend if I want to major in archaeology?
  • What universities offer the best graduate programs in archaeology?

Other Frequent Questions…

  • How can I find an archaeologist to interview for my class assignment?
  • Is it all right to collect artifacts?
  • What should I do if I find an artifact?
  • Site Etiquette: What is okay to do and not okay to do at an archaeology site?
  • Ask An Archaeologist A Question
  • Do Archaeologists Dig Dinosaur Bones? (Jay Fancher replies)


Posted by Patrice L. Jeppson 02/17/05.