Visit Archaeology Sites
Many places of archaeological or historical significance are preserved and open to the public for visitation. Many of these archaeological tourism destinations have museums or interpretive centers with exhibits, trails with informational signs or brochures, and staff who provide interpretative tours.

Visit Archaeology (National Park Service Guides)
Planning to visit to an archaeology site? These archeology travel guides compiled by the National Park Service have lots of useful information.



African American Archeology

Urban Archaeology

Archeology of the Colonial Chesapeake Tidewater

Rock Images

Explore Samuel de Champlain's Expeditions

Interactive Map
A map of Archeological Places to Visit, State by State

Archaeological Parks in the US
This web site provides information on archaeological parks. These are archaeological sites that have been preserved and opened to the public.

Adventures in the Past: Discovering the Public Lands' Archaeological, Historic, and Fossil Heritage
This web site presented by the US Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management helps prepares you to "take a vacation in the past".

Washington Underground: Archaeology in Downtown Washington, DC
This guide provides a walking and subway tour of the archaeological history of the Nation's capital.

The Ancient Ohio Trail

This web site includes resources for heritage travelers visiting and exploring four of the ancient earthwork sites in Ohio--Fort Ancient, Serpent Mound, Mound City and Newark. The web site includes archaeological site information, as well as information on the historic local settings in which the works are found, scenic roads, and cultural and artistic points of interest.


Archaeological Conservancy Tours
The Archaeological Conservancy is the only national non-profit organization dedicated to acquiring and preserving the best of our nation's remaining archaeological sites. They also offer guided tours to sites in the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America.

Elderhostel: Adventures in Lifelong Learning
Guided tours for adults 55 and over. Search on archaeology for specific programs.

Archaeological Tours/Vacations at
This web site has an extensive list of links useful for planning archaeological vacations in all corners of the globe.


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