Heritage Tourism
La Iglesia, Maya site, Coba, Mexico
What is Heritage Tourism? Heritage sites are places of archaeological or historical significance that have been preserved and are open to the public for visitation. They often include museums or interpretive centers with exhibits, trails with informational signs or brochures, and staff who provide interpretative tours. ‘Heritage Tourism’ encompasses the sites themselves, as well as ideas and methods for managing, promoting, and interpreting the sites, as well as discussion about concerns with continued protection and public access.

Want to visit archaeology sites on your next trip? Looking for tours that take you to famous archaeological sites? Here are some sources to help you 'visit archaeology'.

Want to learn more about the issues affecting heritage sites? Need ideas for ways to manage or promote your heritage site? Here are some resources, organizations, and articles.

Maya observatory group, Uaxactun, Guatemala




* photos by, and courtesy of, Cameron Walker
  Updated 02/09/2007