Sample Student Projects Using Archaeology
Project: 8th Grade Culminating Project

Protecting the Past, While Shaping the Future

By Becky Nelson, Garfield Palouse Middle School
Garfield, Washington, USA  April 2006

Background on this school project

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Background on this school project
The following is abstracted from correspondence sent to the SAA Manager of Education and Information. We thank Becky Nelson for this contribution. Garfield Palouse Middle School teachers Phil Weagraff, Van Thompson, and Bob Russell guided Becky on this 8th grade culminating project. Bill LaMunyan is Principal of the school which is in Washington state's Garfield School District. Archaeologists may contact Becky Nelson through the SAA Manager of Education and Information.

August 2006

My name is Becky Nelson, and I am an eighth grader at Garfield Palouse Middle School in Garfield, WA. Before we go to high school, we have to prove that we are competent high school candidates. This project is our culminating project, which is similar to a high school senior project, on a smaller scale. We are supposed to demonstrate our knowledge gained during our years in middle school. This includes the law-making process, researching, and oral presentations. This project is completed over the course of the eighth grade year with a presentation in May.

We are required to choose a topic that we can write a law about (creating either more restrictions or less restrictions). We then research the topic, and write the law. We are also required to write a paper, create a presentation, and then give the presentation. I chose to write my law about archaeology on private property.

My law requires that people wanting to dig on private property first obtain permission from the landowner, then call in a professional archaeologist. They must also present significant data showing that there is, in fact, significant archaeological artifacts. The person wanting to dig is required to pay for the archaeologist's visit. If nothing is found, the person requesting the dig must also pay for the site to be returned to its original state. Private landowners must also be informed about the potential presence of an archaeological site BEFORE they start any construction projects. This law also has harsh penalties for looters.

I have presented my project, and out of at least 300 points, I only missed one.

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