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Archaeology Lesson Plans --  Missouri

These lesson plans and activities incorporate archaeological evidence. Those examples created and contributed by Educators are indicated. Share your favorite archaeology lessons with us and others here

Lesson Plans by Missouri K-12 Educators

Missouri Ancient Cultures:  The M.A.C. Quest Program
This web based program is designed to help Missouri’s 4th grade instructors teach students about Missouri ancient history. The program content marries up-to-date archaeological information obtained from thousands of ancient sites across the state, with Missouri 4th grade level Social Studies Standards.

Archaeology Quest

Created by teachers within the Missouri public school system, Archaeology Quest is a state-wide academic competition designed for students in grades 5–12. The purpose of the Quest is for students to involve themselves in archaeological research on a topic related to a selected yearly theme.

It is not necessary for students to collect artifacts, dig, or pursue other archaeological activities which might destroy an archaeological site. After research, students present what they learned in an exhibit, paper, and/or an oral format. Archaeology Quest meets a total of 22 Performance Standards and 19 Show-Me Knowledge Standards for the state of Missouri.




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