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Public Archaeology is relatively new as a formal research speciality or field of practice but the field is rapidly changing and also growing exponentially. This archive was established as a support for keeping institutional memory intact. Archaeology has limited human and financial resources yet the range and size of archaeology's publics is vast and the rate of impacts on archaeological resources is ever increasing. Ideally, this archive will promote the sharing of expertise and the cross-fertization of ideas. At the same time, it should help ensure that archaeologists pursuing outreach and educators promoting stewardship don't waste time and money 'reinventing the wheel'.

Please Note... This page remains under construction -- indeed what you see here is 'just a beginning'. If you have materials in your possession applicable to this archive, please forward them to the clearinghouse manager, Maureen Malloy (SAA Manager of Public Education).


  • Comments: Fighting Indiana Jones (1988)
    Alice Kehoe contextualizes this Archaeological Survey of Canada revolutionary public education session dedicated to bringing archaeology to the general public. (12.2 KB)
  • Education and Archaeology Work Group (1990-1991)
    This coalition of several archaeological, anthropological, and historical organizations working in the early 1990's recognized a need for public education and outreach in the field of archaeology - and the need for collaboration among archaeological concerns to get this done.


  • Careers in Archaeology Education Handout (2005)
    This SAA Public Education Committee (PEC) handout was prepared for a CRM Expo held during the annual SAA conference. Read commentary written in response by Carol McDavid Ph.D.
  • Archaeology and Public Education E-Newsletter (A&PE)
    This publication of the SAA Public Education Committee was first mailed US Post as a hardcopy and was then was offered for a decade as an electronic document available at a web site and as an email listserv message. It was posted online four times a year: Spring (Mar 1), Summer (June 1), Fall (Sept 1), and Winter (Dec 1). This newsletter is now incorporated as the short-term content of these (Archaeology for the Public) web pages and the back issues are available in an archive. The online issues are available here in HTML format while the printed issues are in PDF format (requiring an Adobe Acrobat Reader).


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