'Reach America ' (Panel Discussion)
-- Looking to the future of Archaeology and the Public Schools

Archaeologists and Educators - including the leadership of the National Council for the Social Studies - came together in 2002 to discuss the role of archaeology in formal school education and the place of educators in archaeological outreach at a panel discussion held during the Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology in Mobile, Alabama.

Rationale and Panel Discussion Summary

Abstract and Participant List

Proposed Discussion Topics

Discussion Questions

Follow-up Reporting

Educators and Archaeologists Meet to Discuss 'Archaeology as Education" in Society for Historical Archaeology Newsletter, 35(2):6-7 [text].

Evaluation Questionnaire

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Content Courtesy of Patrice L. Jeppson and the SHA Public Education and Interpretation Committee, 2006.

Posted by J.R. Jeppson 06/23/06