Education and Archaeology Work Group

This coalition of archaeological, anthropological, and historical organizations was operating in the early 1990's to strengthen and deepen the public's knowledge and understanding of archaeology. The work group had two stated specific purposes: (1) to share information, experience, and expertise among members of those organizations interested in archaeological education and (2) to identify specific, high-priority activities to be accomplished through the joint efforts of the interested organizations and groups.

1991 (Final Draft) Coordinating Education and Archaeology: Goals and Objects

1991 Table of Action Items (SAA/SHA/AAA)

1991 Education Resource Forum -- Archaeology Materials (Press Release)
(Announcement of resources for educators assembled by education committee members of the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Society for American Archaeology.)

These archival materials were provided by Alice Kehoe.

Posted by J.R. Jeppson 06/23/06