Links to archaeology lesson plans and activities...
   Archaeology can enliven a classroom lesson in almost any subject, from Art to Zoology. We encourage you to try some of these archaeology lessons with your students.



The Archaeology Channel
Archaeology lesson plans and activities from several dozen good sources such as  Discovery Channel, National Geographic Society, the New York Times, PBS, Houghton Mifflin, and many more.

Alexandria Archaeology Museum
Resources and activities from the city of Alexandria, Virginia community archaeology program that help students learn about archaeology and the importance of preserving the past.

The American Schools for Oriental Research (ASOR)

Archaeological Institute of America
Lesson plans and projects that focus on ancient material culture and stress archaeological approaches and ways of thinking. Culture specific projects include Classical, Near East, Roman, and Medieval periods.

Historic Jamestowne, Virginia is the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. This lesson plan packet contains 2 short PowerPoint presentations for teachers --Archaeology 101 and The Archaeology at the James Fort; lesson plans for elementatry, middle, and high school students; a glossary and recommended reading for teachers.

The National Park Service
Teaching With Historic Places: online lesson plans that use historic sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places to explore American history. Lesson plans can be adapted both for older and younger grades and link to the national Curriculum Standards for History for Grades 5-12, and Social Studies standards for middle school. Currently, 140 lesson plans are available. At least ten of the lesson plans have an archeological focus. Each lesson includes maps, readings and photographs.

Project Archaeology
Twenty-eight classroom tested lessons that use archaeology to teach science, math, history, social studies, art, language arts, and higher level thinking skills such as problem solving, synthesis, and evaluation.

The Society for American Archaeology
Teaching Archaeology: A Sampler for Grades 3-12. Background information, glossary, and four sample lessons from the SAA Public Education Committee

Archaeology and Public Education Newsletter: Lesson plans and lesson ideas originally published in the Newsletter’s Education Station.

Doing Archaeology in the Classroom:  A Sandbox Dig
In addition to instructions for constructing and excavating a sandbox dig, these lessons stress the importance of site preservation, ethics, analysis, and interpretation in archaeology.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Teaching Activities
Many activities designed for K-12 audiences on topics ranging from archaeology, human evolution, and ethnicity.

Archaeology: History Found in Pieces
(1.81 MB) is a downloadable curriculum-based educational program meeting Pennsylvania and New Jersey Standards. It was created by the Independence Park Institute. Students take on the role of archeologists and piece together the stories of the buried past. The lesson plans have students investigate primary and secondary history resources (grades 5-12).

updated 04/20/18