Heritage Tourism Articles from the SAA Archaeological Record



Louisiana’s Ancient Mounds Heritage Area and Trail
[May 2006, 6(3):27-28]

The Public Meaning of Archaeological Heritage: Special Issue
[March 2006, 5(2):whole issue]

Promoting While Preserving: The Challenge of Heritage Tourism[September 2005, 5(4):23-25]

Archaeology and Heritage Tourism: Special Issue
[May 2005, 5(3):whole issue]

Heritage Tourism of Chinese Archaeology and Historic Sties in Ohio
[Nov 2004, 4(5):18-21]

Communicating With the Public: Tips for Writing a Tour Guide
[May 2002, 2(3):21]

Heritage Tourism and Public Archaeology
[March 2002, 2(2):30-32, 44]



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