Resources for Educators


Archaeology for Educators

This unit provides educators with background information on archaeology as well as hands-on and interactive activities to introduce the fascinating field of archaeology to students of all ages.                                                  

Using Archaeology Content and Skills for Classroom Instruction
Classroom-ready lesson plans and activities from a variety of sources including the Society for American Archaeology Public Education Committee (PEC), other archaeological and historical societies and organizations, and educators that use archaeology in their K-12 classrooms.



Archaeology Education Clearinghouse

Education resources collected by contributors from the Society for American Archaeology, the Archaeological Institute of America, and the Society for Historical Archaeology. The collection includes suggestions for lesson plans and activities for introducing general archaeological topics and specific historical issues, such as teaching about Thanksgiving accurately and effectively.




K-12 Archaeology Programs Developed by Educators
Outstanding examples of educators using archaeological resources and/or working with archaeologists to teach their students new information and various educational skills.

Professional Archaeology Contacts
Organizations and individuals you can contact with questions about archaeology in your state or region, including a number of Ask an Archaeologist web sites for more general questions.

Archaeology Career Information
The Society for American Archaeology receives many inquiries from students about careers in archaeology. These resources answer SAA s most frequently asked questions including the education and training needed to become an archaeologist, and the kinds of jobs that archaeologists do.

Artifact Study Kits & Reproductions
Sources for replica artifacts that can be purchased for use in classroom lessons and activities, and classroom archaeology kits that include study guides and other resources, in addition to replicated artifacts.

Archaeology Publications
Selected books, magazines, and web sites that introduce archaeology some just for students.

Classroom Digs
Simulated digs developed by archaeologists and archaeology educators to be used as part of an interdisciplinary unit, or a culminating activity in a classroom study of archaeology.

Online Archaeological Experiences
Web sites that feature video on archaeological sites and subjects, archaeology games, virtual tours or archaeology site, and more.

Sample Student Projects