Professional Archaeology Contacts

The ethical principles of the Society for American Archaeology encourage professional archaeologists to participate in public outreach activities, including working with educators who are interested in integrating archaeology into their curriculum. The sources that follow will help you find an archaeologist in your area and local educational materials to supplement your classroom teaching. Students who wish to interview an archaeologist might visit the following:


Network of State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators of the 

Society for American Archaeology’s Public Education Committee. The SAA has volunteers in almost every state and some Canadian provinces who can assist educators and students with archaeology questions.  If you are looking for a local archaeologist or educational resources, start by contacting the SAA state network coordinator.


State archaeologists and historic preservation officers answer archaeology questions regarding their state, including local contact information. If the SAA Archaeology Education Network Coordinator site on the SAA web page does not show a link for your state, then try contacting the Office of the State Archaeologist or Historic Preservation. Their web sites usually include information about state archaeology activities and education resources, including fieldwork opportunities.

Last update 04/20/18