Artifact Study Kits & Reproductions

Phoenix Obsidian Designs

144 Hughes Rd. Suite G

Grass Valley, CA 95945

Provides accurate traditionally made artifact replicas and other hands-on educational supplies. Various supplies are also available for experimental archaeology.


Bone Clones, Inc.

21416 Chase St., Unit #1

Canoga Park, CA 91304

Produces extensive collections of modern humans, fossil hominids, forensic items, extinct and extant animals.

Pictures of Record

Provides replicated Old World (Lower and Middle Paleolithic, and Upper Paleolithic) stone tools, which are duplicates of actual artifacts. Each kit contains a short text and bibliography. Kits are $325 each.


The Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center

“Working in small groups, students become fascinated with identification of replicated spear and arrowheads as they discover the techniques used by archaeologists to identify artifacts.” Includes: 12 replica points, 12 guides, video, bulletin board. The kit sells for $400.


Old  Sturbridge  Village -- Online Store

1 Old  Sturbridge Village Road

Sturbridge,  Massachusetts  01566

Telephone: (508)  347-3362

A good source for historic pottery, glassware, craft kits, tinware, and fabrics that relate to early New England life (1790-1840).  

Smoke and Fire  Company

27 North  River Road

Waterville,  Ohio 43566  USA

419  878-8535

800-Smoke-Fi (766-5334)

Fax: 419 878-3653


Provides historic and colonial period materials including pottery, glassware, musical instruments, and kitchen items.


Panther Primitives

P.O. Box 32

Normantown, WV  25267


A supplier of prehistoric artifact reproductions such as beads, arrowheads, awls and axes as well as Medieval through Civil War period materials.




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