Archaeology Week/Month Poster Used as Post-Visit Activity

Courtesy Claire Rogers, Educational Director, Fort Bend Museum :

Fort Bend Museum

School Program: Digging Into The Past

Post-Visit Activities

  1. Have the students write a story for the school newspaper about the archeological dig and what they discovered.  The article should cover time periods, methods and the discoveries.
  1. Design a poster for Archeology Awareness Month, held in October of each year in Texas.  Create a slogan and decorate the posters to educate others about the importance of archeology in our world.
  1. From shipwrecks of the early explorers to trunks of the pioneers, archeology is a hot topic in the news.  Begin a scrapbook or bulletin board with current events concerning archeology around the world.  Plot the location of the stories on a world map.
  1. The discovery and subsequent excavation of LaSalle's ship, La Belle, has led to a new interest in maritime archeology in Texas.  There is a wealth of information available for classroom use, including a newsletter for teachers called "Journeys."  Contact the Texas Historical Commission at or P O Box 12276, Austin, TX 78711-2276.  The phone number is 512-463-6100.
  1. Role-play a scenario between a landowner, county officials, and the Office of the State Archeologist.  The landowner has found artifacts near the location of his new home in progress.  Have students research the laws, rights and responsibilities of each party in this situation.  Act out the scene so that everyone will understand what takes place. (Use the website for the Texas Historical Commission)

Posted by Patrice L. Jeppson 02/10/05