Experience Archaeology For Yourself!

Participate in Archaeological Fieldwork
Have you always dreamed about participating in a dig, or working in an archaeology lab mending an ancient pot? Look here for opportunities to get your hands dirty in archaeology.

Celebrate Your State's Archaeology Week/Month

Visit An Archaeology Site
Include an archaeology site visit for your next road trip or vacation!

Attend an Archaeology Conference
Most archaeological conferences in the United States are open to members of the public. Listen to the latest research presentations, visit the bookroom. Registration fees for one day or the whole conference can be paid on-site.

Engage in Archaeology and Heritage Tourism
Dig deep into the issues affecting heritage sites



 Check out an
           Archaeology Museum Exhibit

The American Institute of Archaeology (AIA) maintains this comprehensive listing of current and ongoing exhibits all over the world, divided by geographic region. A great resource for planning your next trip!



Join an Archaeological Society!
New members are always welcome at local, state, and national archaeology societies. These groups meet for presentations and fieldwork opportunities. They often have a newsletter and or journal.

Advocate for Archaeology
Join in with others protecting our archaeological heritage.

Educators - Attend an Archaeology Workshop

Educators - Use Archaeology Content and Skills in Your Classroom Instruction

Complete a Certificate Program
Information about Avocational Certificate Programs and Archaeology Technology Certificates can be found on these web pages of the National Park Service Archeology Program.



Updated 06/15/2007