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Designing the 2001 Poster, Delaware Archaeology Month,

Designing the 2002 Poster, Delaware

Delaware Poster for 2004

Poster dedicated to the memory of State Archaeologist Ronald Thomas

California Archaeology Month Poster, 2004 (Downloadable PDF version)

Each year, the Society for California Archaeology publishes an Archaeology Month Poster with contributions from state and federal agencies and member donations. SCA also makes available a comprehensive Archaeology Month Resources Guide. The poster and resources guide are distributed widely to local, state, and federal agencies and private entities to promote the preservation of California’s archaeological heritage. Current and past posters are available for sale from the SCA Business Office and are available in .pdf form.

Photography Sales of California Archaeology Month Poster image, 2004.

Rock art avocationalist and professional photographer Alain Briot discusses the Alain Briot Portfolio Collection image used on the 2004 California Archaeology month Poster that is also offered for sale.

Art Exhibit of Posters: Art in Archaeology: Multi-Perspectives of the Past

This web page presents a sampling of posters utilized in an Institute for American Indian Studies (IAIS) traveling exhibit funded by the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. The exhibit itself includes the top 20 of over 150 Archaeology Week posters from all across the United States, spanning the past decade.

Narrative description of Kansas Archeology Week Poster, 1994-2002

Well written (public) narrative from the Kansas State Historical Society explaining each poster’s theme and identifying the individuals involved in each Poster’s production.

Brochure presentation of a Poster

Kansas Archeology Week Poster, 2004 (Kansas State Historical Society)

Prehistory and Heritage Week Poster Contest, Utah

Archaeology Month Poster Student Contest, Archaeological Society of Maryland

Post-Site Visit Activity as part of School Programming

Digging into the Past Pre and Post Visit Activities (Fort Bend Museum)

Poster with accompanying Lesson Plan

Kolomoki Mounds (George Archaeology Month 2002)

Web-based, Interactive, Poster

North Carolina Archaeology Month, 1997

Moving Archaeology Into A New Century

Internet Archive of Posters, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

2004 Poster made available as a T-shirt design

Archaeology Month Poster

Washington State Office of Archaeology and Historical Preservation

Recent Posters (National Park Service Archeology and Ethnography Program)

Interactive Map of State Archaeology Week/Month Programs. Clicking on the small poster image in the lower right corner of each State page opens a full page view of the State’s Archaeology Week/Month Poster.

Poster Archive: Links to Archaeology Month Posters of the past.