What is the Archaeology Week/Month Poster All About?

The Archaeology Week/Month Poster is the central promotional device for publicizing State Archeology Week/Month programs.

The poster forms a main means of inviting citizens to participate in and learn about archaeology, helping to inculcate the notion of archaeological stewardship. The poster can be mailed along with other information on Archeology Week/Month to schools, businesses, agencies, museums, and libraries. As part of this program of activities, poster images might be replicated as bookmarks, as postcards, as fliers and brochures, as advertisements in magazines, as banners for billboards, and as T-shirt designs. Many Archaeology Week/Month posters have a long term presence on internet web sites, sometimes as pdf files.

At present some 30 states have Archaeology Week/Month programs most, if not all, involving archaeology week/month posters. Many states coordinate their program events -- including the Posters -- via a central steering committee composed of professional archeologists and avocationalists.

During the annual SAA conference there is an Archaeology Week/Month Poster competition where the membership votes on submitted posters. The submitted posters are also often exhibited as part of the SAA Public Session.

Posted by Patrice L. Jeppson 02/07/05.