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  •    State Archaeology Weeks (An Overview)
    This web site provides information on the Rationale, Organizing, Timing and Scheduling, Types of Events, sponsorship, and Publicity for State Archaeology Weeks and Months. This resource, State Archaeology Weeks: Interpreting Archaeology for the Public (National Park Service Technical Brief #15), is by the DOI Departmental Consulting Archeologist/NPS Archeology and Ethnography Program (Mara Greengrass 1993, revised for the internet in 1999).
  •  Events in Your State
    This NPS resource is an interactive map with links to contact information for state Archaeology Week/Month events all over the U.S.
  •  Inspiration Is Where You Find It. (Point your browser to pages 9 and 10.)
    This article by Carol Ellick describing an Albuquerque Archaeology Days event was published in the SAA Archaeological Record 3(2):9-10, 2003.
  • Georgia’s Archaeology Month Poster (A Summary of Administrative Details)
    This informative summary of Georgia's Archaeology Month operations was written by Betsy Shirk, Past President of the Society for Georgia Archaeology. It includes synopses on funding, planning, printing, distribution, and publicity.


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