Suggestions for
Announcing an Archaeological Field school and/or
Announcing Field Opportunities for the Public

  • Submit an announcement to the newsletter of your professional archaeology society (e.g., the SHA Newsletter, The SAA Archaeological Record). Note: The deadline for submission for these newsletters may be as early as 2 months in advance of the published issue. (For example, a deadline of December may apply for a March publication date).
  • Utilize a Campus Activities network, Contact Campus Information, post a message on a Campus electronic message board, and post a message on your department’s electronic message board.
  • Post flyers and speak to colleagues in other departments on campus about possible participants (e.g., Geography, History, African Studies, and Biology).
  • Post flyers and speak to colleagues in relevant departments in the colleges and universities located near your field site.
  • Utilize your personal network: Mail announcements and speak to colleagues in other colleges and universities about potential participants.
  • Post announcements on relevant Listserves such as  HISTARCH, VAHIST (e.g., Historical Archaeology and Virginia History Listservs).
  • Contact local historical societies and avocational archaeology societies operating in the vicinity of your site.

Content for this list was provided in part by Mathew Emerson.

Posted by P.L. Jeppson 5/30/04.

Updated 06.09.16 JMR