Richard M. Pettigrew
Recipient of the 2006 SAA Excellence in Public Education Award
(Archaeologist Category)

Richard M. Pettigrew is the recipient of the 2006 Society for American Archaeology Excellence in Public Education Award.

Richard M. Pettigrew, Ph.D. has been selected by the Society for American Archaeology to receive their 2006 award for Excellence in Public Education. This award is conferred annually to recognize outstanding achievements by individuals or institutions in the sharing of archaeological knowledge and preservation issues with the public. Dr. Pettigrew is recognized for his leadership in using innovative media formats and new technologies to facilitate public education about archaeology.

In 1999, Dr. Pettigrew founded Archaeological Legacy Institute, an education and research non-profit organization through which he created The Archaeology Channel web site (TAC). This World Wide Web site makes available more than 70 archaeology-based streaming videos as well as audio interviews, commentaries, and weekly news programming to a diversified audience in a cost-effective format. With this effort, archaeological information is received from, and shared between, vast numbers of people in far reaching areas of the globe. Nearly 11,000 visitors to the site log on daily from more than 150 countries, with top visitation outside North America from western Europe, Australia, China, Japan, southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The Archaeology Channel is widely used in North America and beyond by school educators as well as college and university instructors., the leading streaming media guide created by Microsoft, features TAC videos daily on several of its pages, including a special archaeology content area populated mostly by TAC films. TAC also has a formal agreement to supply videos for the newly released Google Video search engine and to deliver audio content to cell phone users of the UpSNAP Mobile Broadcast Network.

In 2003, Dr. Pettigrew established The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, the only international archaeology film competition in the Western Hemisphere, opening a new avenue for exposing new publics to archaeology. A thousand people attend the film screenings for film and video held annually at the McDonald Theater in Eugene, Oregon. Affiliated ‘special film series’ showings have been staged in Vancouver, Washington; Portland, Oregon; and Eugene, Oregon; and annual 'mini-festivals' now are scheduled for six Oregon cities (Portland, Eugene, Ashland, Newport, Bend, and La Grande). Dr. Pettigrew has, in turn, been invited to serve as a juror for both the ICRONOS International Festival of Archaeological Film held annually in Bordeaux, France, and the CINARCHEA Festival for archaeology film and video held in Kiel, Germany

In utilizing new applications, tapping underutilized resources, and for touching the generations that are archaeology's future, Richard M. Pettigrew is a model of Excellence in Public Education.

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Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
President and Executive Director
Archaeological Legacy Institute

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Text prepared by 2004-2006 SAA Excellence in Public Education Award Committee Chair, Patrice L. Jeppson. Posted by J.R. Jeppson 06/25/06.