AnthroNotes® of the Smithsonian Recipient of the 2002 SAA Excellence in Public Education Award (Institution Category)

The Smithsonian Institution’s Department of Anthropology has published AnthroNotes® since 1979 as a major vehicle of public outreach and education, bringing readers the latest in archaeological and anthropological research, focusing on “cutting edge” topics presented in depth but in an engaging and accessible style. AnthroNotes® brings the best of archaeology to a broad audience, particularly teachers and students working in schools, community colleges, undergraduate colleges and universities. AnthroNotes® offers “lead” articles on current research, teaching activities, reviews of new resources, and summer archaeological opportunities. Amusing insightful cartoons, drawn by the late George Washington University archaeologist/artist Robert L. Humphrey, have illustrated its articles – each cartoon inspired and designed for a specific article.

Originally part of the NSF-funded 1978-1982 George Washington University/Smithsonian Institution Anthropology for Teachers Program, co-directed by Alison S. Brooks (George Washington) and Ruth O. Selig (Smithsonian), AnthroNotes® has been edited since 1979 by Brooks, Ann Kaupp, JoAnne Lanouette, and Selig (Anthropology for Teachers Program staff). Marilyn London served as an editor form 1994-1997 as well as editor, with Ruth O. Selig, of the collection of AnthroNotes® articles published under the title Anthropology Explored: The Best of Smithsonian AnthroNotes (1998). The 2004, 2nd Edition (Anthropology Explored, Revised and Expanded) is edited by Selig, London and Kaupp. The AnthroNotes® editorial team represents over 80 years of teaching archaeology and anthropology, from elementary school through graduate students including extensive experience teaching teachers, and organizing courses and workshops for teachers.

AnthroNotes® was published for most its history three times a year. Today the National Museum of Natural History continues to publish and distribute AnthroNotes® free-of-charge twice a year. Over 9000 teachers, professional researchers (in and beyond anthropology), and libraries throughout the United States and abroad receive AnthroNotes®. Articles from AnthroNotes® have furthermore been reprinted in publications and educational curricula of the American Association of Museums, Institute of Texan Cultures, Anti-Defamation League, and International Women’s Anthropology Conference. Articles also appear in Annual Editions, a widely used textbook (reprint) reader with a circulation exceeding 50,000. Finally, AnthroNotes® articles regularly appear in “Course Packs” or “Sourcebooks” which professors prepare for students.

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