Selected Cemetery Archaeology Projects...

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Ellen We Miss Thee at Home: Archaeological Investigations at the Michigan City Old Graveyard (12 Le 348), La Porte County Indiana.

The Fifth Street Cemetery Necrogeographical Study
This project uses The 5th Street Cemetery Necrogeographical Study is a GIS-based project that marries current GIS, GPS and surveying technologies with traditional historical research and fieldwork. The purpose of the project was initially to introduce selected junior high school students to the use of global positioning system (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS) management to plot and analyze patterns at the Normal Hill site.

 Headstones for Dummies, The New York Edition (New York City)
Sarah Pickman, Intern at Archaeology magazine, writes about exploring three of Manhattan's colonial cemeteries at the magazine's web site.



updated 11/30/2011