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Asian American, AustraloAsian, Chinese, Chinese American, Japanese American, Japanese Relocation Camp, and WWII Japanese American Historical Archaeology Sites

Market Street Chinatown Archaeological Project (San Jose, California)

Historical Archaeology at Centerville: Uncovering a Chinese Legacy
(Centerville, Idaho)

Woolen Mills Chinatown (San Jose, California)

Croydon Chinatown, Croydon, North Queensland (Australia)

City of Deadwood Chinatown Excavations (Black Hills, S.Dakota)

Chinese Oaklanders, Overcoming the Odds (Oakland, California)

San Louis Obispo Chinatown (California)

  Guided Tour of Yema Po (San Leandro, California)

Overseas Placer Chinese Mining Sites in the Santa Clara Watershed
(Santa Clara, California)

The Chinese in Gum Sam  Golden Mountain (California)
(Point your browser to Page 14)

Western Wyoming College's excavation of the Evanston Chinatown
(Evanston, Wyoming)

  Excavation of a Chinese Laundry in Stockton, California.
This web site is aimed at the Grade 3 level (Go to "City Beneath Your Feet" and "What we Found" for the discussions, games and activities dealing with Chinese-American heritage and archaeology.)


Japanese American History Via Historical Archaeology Web Sites

Civil Rights and Moral Wrongs, World War II Japanese American Relocation Sites
by Mary Farrell and Jeffrey Burton (Point your browser to page 24)


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