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Archaeology Magazine's Interactive Digs (Archaeological Institute of America)
New World, Classical, Historical, and Underwater sites?..the archaeology excavations are brought to you!

 Mystery of the Bones Exploration (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
In this exploration, you will learn how to determine sex based on skull characteristics and height based on femur length. What else can you learn by examining skeletal remains?

 Where am I? [Global Positioning and Archaeology Sites] (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth. This 'tool' is especially useful to locate archaeological sites.
 How do we known when? The Technique of Seriation (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
Learn about the Seriation which is a technique archaeologists use to figure out how old an archaeology site is.

 How do we Excavate? Plan an Excavation (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
In this game, you are the archaeologist -- you decide what tools to buy, which experts to hire, and how to dig. This excavation simulation game was developed by Learning Sites for the digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology project.

  Digging Through Layers of Time (Texas Beyond History: The Virtual Museum of Texas' Cultural Heritage) One of many interactive activities for kids in the Be a Scientist section of this web site.

Updated 02/14/10