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 Past Horizons has a new, on-line magazine offering interesting articles along with recent news, a selection of volunteer projects, profiles of people in the field, crossword puzzles and cartoons -- even a 'Dig Cook's recipes used during fieldwork! The magazine employs the Digipage interface program which makes reading this online both easy and enjoyable! This magazine is the latest feature offered by Past Horizons, an internet 'Gateway to Archaeological Opportunities' and an 'Archaeology Tool Store' created by a to enable people, whether amateur or professional, to participate in archaeological projects around the world.


Archaeology Bibliographies

Cohen-Williams, Anita
Archaeology in Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography (2001)
San Diego: Ebook.

Archaeology in Fiction, Stories, and Novels (from

Archaeology in Fiction for Kids (also from

 National Park Service Archeology Program




A bibliography of books on the topic of archaeology organized by reading level.

Nautical Archaeology in Fiction




This list is compiled & annotated by Noreen Doyle

Prehistoric Fiction Bibliography




Novels set in prehistoric times, or in which the principal characters are members of a prehistoric society.

PreColumbian Fiction

Paleoanthropology Fiction




List created by Jim Foley.

Non-Fiction Books on Archaeology


Witness to the Past: The Life and Works of John L. Cotter



Featured Non-Fiction Reading

Witness to the Past: The Life and Works of John L. Cotter

John L. Cotter was a leader in the field of archaeology who is often thought of as a role model for current and future archaeologists. His life story in archaeology mirrors the development of much 20th century American archaeology. This 2007 book gathers together a large number of Cotter's popular and scholarly works on prehistoric and historical archaeology -- everything from Natchez Trace Prehistory and the Paleo-Indian Tradition in Eastern North America to discovering Jamestown and digging at the historical shrine of Independence Park. Also included are Cotter's writings about the importance of educating the public about archaeology and his reflections about working as an archaeologist during the Depression, about being a retired archaeologist, and of 'being there at the beginning' as a pioneer breaking new ground. Tributes and memorials submitted by his colleagues and by students he mentored position Cotter's contributions to the discipline. A vast bibliography of his works is provided that includes unpublished reports and manuscripts archived federally and university repositories.
    This informative and inspirational book was edited by archaeologists Daniel D. Roberts and David G. Orr. Its production was supported and promoted by the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum (PAF) which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of archaeological resources in the City of Philadelphia. Published by The Society for American Archaeology in cooperation with The Society for Historical Archaeology
(ISBN: 0-932839-31-2 ), this volume is available for purchase at SAA Press.

Books on Archaeology in Film:

A Treasure Hard to Attain; Images of Archaeology in Popular Film, with a Filmography.




This 1997 guide by David Howard Day contains reviews and other information for over 100 films. Order from: Scarecrow Press, 4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706.

Box Office Archaeology: Refining Hollywoods Portrayals of the Past
Julie M. Schablitsky (Editor)




What's really real in the movies? Is reality more interesting than fiction? This book provides historical and archaeological depth to history as shown in the movies. Topics include Egypt, the Wild West, Civil War submarines, Vikings, the Titanic, and others. This book should be of interest to introductory archaeology and American history classes, courses on film and popular culture, and to a general audience.
Left Coast Press
256 pp. 2007
Hardback (978-1-59874-055-4)
Paperback (978-1-59874-056-1)

Archaeology Book Reviews on the Web

Book Review page of the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center




University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Archaeological Book Reviews




at Archaeology.About.Com

Recommended Readings

Readings Suggested by Susan Dixon Renoe




Ages 10 and Up, Roman, Greek, and Gilgamesh themed books, historical novels, non-fiction, and mystery stories.

Archaeology Quotations

     Funny and poignant quotations from archaeologists about archaeology, sayings by others about archaeologists and archaeology, and an archaeology quote of the day option.




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