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3D Archaeology Sites and Virtual Tours

Interactive Web Sites for Kids

 On-a-Slant Virtual Mandan Village Game
This game involves 3D reconstructions of a Mandan Village located on the ground of the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park in North Dakota. It is based on scholarly research of the site, the native population, and the era (circa 1776-1781). It was created by the North Dakota State University Archeology Technologies Laboratory (ATL). The downloadable game runs via the Java Web Start delivery system. By using webstart, the WWWIC is able to provide quick internet updates to the software every time you use the program.Webstart is part of the Java JRE installation, and version 1.5 or higher is required for the On-A-Slant Virtual Village client. Includes link for an Install/upgrade of Java 1.5.

RealArcade is an online gaming site. It has a lot of fun games with archaeology characters and archaeology themes. Archaeologist and Blogger Anita Cohen-Williams says, "the games I enjoy are Jewel Quest, Jewel Quest Solitare (both of these are about Mayan lost citiies), 7 Wonders (of the World), Acropolis (word game), Luxor Mahjong, Scarabs of Pharaoh, The Legend of El Dorado, Treasures of Montezuma, Zuma, and many others with ancient themes".

 Eternal Egypt: Solve the Stela (Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois)

 Cleopatra: Solve the Puzzle (Field Museum, Chicago, Illinois)

 Mystery of the Bones Exploration (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
In this exploration, you will learn how to determine sex based on skull characteristics and height based on femur length. What else can you learn by examining skeletal remains?

 Where am I? [Global Positioning and Archaeology Sites] (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a system of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth. This 'tool' is especially useful to locate archaeological sites.
 How do we known when? The Technique of Seriation (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
Learn about the Seriation which is a technique archaeologists use to figure out how old an archaeology site is.

 How do we Excavate? Plan an Excavation (digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology)
In this game, you are the archaeologist -- you decide what tools to buy, which experts to hire, and how to dig. This excavation simulation game was developed by Learning Sites for the digNubia- Exploring the Science of Archaeology project.


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