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What is Public Archaeology? Community Archaeology? Civic Engagement? etc.,..

Examples of Major Outreach Activities

Outreach Resources

Outreach Skills and Strategies

Outreach to Media, Officials, Metal Detectorists, Boy Scouts

Scholarly and Practical Public Archaeology Resources



Major Outreach Activities, Examples, & Centers

Archaeology Weeks / Months

Archaeology Month Posters

CRM Reporting for Public Consumption

CRM & Stakeholder Involvement

CRM-based School Educational Resources

Web-based Outreach

Major Centers

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Outreach Resources

Public Sessions, Archaeology Fairs, Traveling Exhibits

Sample Fliers for Educational Events

Archaeology Brochures for the Public

Outreach Skills and Strategies

Tips for Successful Outreach to the Public

Using Volunteers in Archaeology

Interpreting Archaeology to the Public

Announcing Field Schools / Labs

Evaluation/Assessment (of Public Outreach)

Evaluation/Assessment of Archaeology Interpretation

Designing an Archaeology Vacation for Tourists

Sample Public Archaeology Job Specifications

Outreach to Media, Public and University Officials, Metal Detectorists, Boy Scouts, Master Naturalists....

Outreach to the Media

Outreach to Public Officials

Outreach to University Officials

          Learn about important aspects of conducting excavations on university campuses                in this Inside HigherEd interview with the authors of "Beneath the Ivory Tower."

Metal Detectorists 

Web sites where archaeologists discuss using metal detectorists in site research and detectorists discuss their participation in archaeological research

Boy Scouts (Archeology Merit Badge)

Master Naturalists and other natural resource education and service programs

Heritage Tourism

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