Other FAQs

How can I find an archaeologist to interview for my class assignment?

You may contact the Society for American Archaeology Network of State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators to look for an archaeologist to interview. Most state offices of archaeology and historic preservation have staff directories with email links. In addition, the Register of Professional Archaeologists has an online directory of  archaeologists by state.

You can also visit an Ask an Archaeologist Web site for answers to specific questions.

Is it all right to collect artifacts?

In some case, removing an artifact from where you found it is against the law—in state and national parks, for example, and on tribal lands. Removing artifacts from these areas is a crime that is punishable by jail time and fines. Collecting artifacts on private property is not against the law if you have permission of the landowner.

What should I do if I find an artifact?

It is best to leave the artifact where you found it but record as much information as possible--its location, and a description of the artifact.  It is useful to draw or photograph the object , and record its location on map if possible  Share this information with a professional archaeologist .If you are visiting a state or national park, inform a park ranger, or naturalist. Each state a historic preservation office that records the exact location of archaeological sites.

What is Site Etiquette?

   What is okay to do and not okay to do at an archaeology site?

Ask An Archaeologist

   Archaeologists around the US who are available to answer your questions.

Information Courtesy of Maureen Malloy, SAA Public Education Manager.

Posted by Patrice L. Jeppson 02/18/05