1. Introduction
2. Understanding the Past
3. What is Archaeology?
4. Methods Of Gathering Data
5. Archaeological Collections
Archaeology and the Public
7. Protecting the Past
8. Additional Resources
Table of Contents

More Archaeology Activities and Lesson Plans

More Online Archaeological Experiences including virtual tours of archaeology sites, interactive digs and lessons, and archaeology games.

Artifact Study Kits and Reproductions: has sources for purchasing reproductions of prehistoric and historic artifacts that can be used for classroom or activities.

Archaeological Publications includes a selection of some great books, magazines and web sites on archaeology for both teachers and students.

Volunteer and Fieldwork Opportunities: places where teachers and students can volunteer on an archaeological site or in a lab, or find other professional development opportunities.

Professional Archaeology Contacts: Local archaeology information and where to find a professional archaeologist to contact in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Careers in Archaeology