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With these web pages, the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) is reaching out to the public with news and information about a wide range of archaeological research.

These public archaeology web pages are comprised of both newly created content and reprised best examples of public archaeology. The page content presented has been contributed (to date) by more than 170 publicly-directed archaeology practioners and archaeologically-interested members of the public. This content is gathered and coordinated by members of the SAAs Public Education Committee (PEC) Web Pages Working Group and the SAA Manager, Education and Outreach. The PEC, the SAA Manager, Education and Outreach, and a Network of SAA State and Provincial Archaeology Education Coordinators work on behalf of the SAA to develop, produce, and distribute informational and educational materials to the public. These web pages are one part of that effort.

These web pages received funding for technical assistance through a grant provided by the US Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation. The Bureau of Reclamation manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in 17 Western states in an environmentally and economically sound manner in the interest of the American public. Reclamation is responsible for, and committed to, protecting and managing the irreplaceable cultural resources under its jurisdiction in a spirit of stewardship for future generations to understand and enjoy. For more information visit the Reclamation’s Cultural Resources Management Program webpage.
  • The Who?, What?, Where?, and Why?
    This short summary by the SAA PEC Web Pages Working Group and the SAA Manager, Education and Outreach, reports on the state of this project at the time of its formal launch at SAAWeb (July, 2006).
    This resource is an ongoing research project that is helping to understand how anthropological practice is being informed and transformed in cyberspace. Read more here...
  • Content Contributors
    This ever-growing list identifies the publicly-directed archaeology practioners and the archaeologically-interested members of the public that have contributed content and advice for this project.
  • 2007 SAA Presidential Recognition Award of Merit
    In April of 2007, the Society for American Archaeology presented the Presidential Recognition Award of Merit to Web Page Working Group members Patrice L. Jeppson, Carol McDavid, and Mary L. Kwas for service and accomplishments in coordinating the development of the web-based, public outreach resource, Archaeology for the public (www.saa.org/public). This award is presented annually to SAA members who have provided extraordinary services to the society and to the profession of Archaeology. Recipients are determined by the President of the society, in consultation with members of the Executive Board. The 2007 recipients were honored for their service to the SAA as members of the Web Pages Working Group of the Public Education Committee.

Society for American Archaeology

The SAA is an international organization of more than 7600 professional and avocational archaeologists dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas. Learn about the SAA here.

SAA Public Education Committee

To learn about the PEC -- its Charge, membership, current projects, history, and previous accomplishments, start here...

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The Creation of These Web Pages….

Archaeology For The Public: A New Edition To the SAAWeb (pages 8-10)
Why have specially designed public web pages on SAAWeb? Who is the audience for the new SAA public web pages? What are the web page content areas? How was the design plan implemented? What are the Review Procedures? (SAA Archaeological Record, Vol 3., No. 5., November 2003).

Content Contributors to Archaeology For the Public

PEC Web Page Working Group

US BOR Contributions to the Society for American Archaeology Public Web Pages Project (Report Filed May 2007)
This report explains the rationale for the Archaeology for the public web pages project and the methodologies pursued in the development of this vast set of informational web pages. Included are details about the targeted audiences for this resource, the design plan and its implementation, the evaluation and oversight procedures created and active (in place), and the announcement strategy to promote the resource at the time of its launch at SAAWeb (the Society for American Archaeology society web pages). A short research summary of what has been learned from this project is included as the development and maintenance of this project is providing important insight into how Public Archaeology as a sub-field of professional practice is being informed and transformed by the hyperspace medium. This report concludes with brief comments looking toward the future role of Archaeology for the public as a medium for sharing archaeological information with the public.


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