SAA PEC Biographies

Stephen C. Saraydar

Department of Anthropology, State University of New York, Mahar Hall, Oswego, NY 13126
Phone numbers: 315-312-3290; 315-312-4190,

Description of past and current involvement in public outreach and education

I have been teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels for the past 30 years. I began working with teachers in the early 1980’s, when I created and co-taught a summer course on curriculum development in Native American history and culture. That course included a component on archaeology and featured an excavation of an artificially constructed site. I am now developing a summer program for K-12 teachers that will focus on the use of archaeological subject matter to meet a variety of state standards, with an emphasis on those that relate to critical thinking skills. I have developed an outdoor and indoor experimental archaeology facility at Oswego for undergraduate instruction and public programs. I have worked with students majoring in education as well as anthropology to develop lesson plans for middle and high school students. I have recently worked with PEC member Lynn Alex in the development of instructional materials on issues related to Native American sovereignty.

Interest in PEC membership

I was invited to join the PEC in 2003 as a result of my interest in working with K-12 teachers to enhance lesson plans in history, social science, and critical thinking through the addition of archaeological subject matter. My primary interest in joining was to share ideas and establish working relationships with other archaeologists seeking to increase the presence of archaeology in primary and secondary school education. I can offer my experience in higher education, experimental archaeology, teacher training, and the design of “hands-on” activities for instruction. I am eager to work on projects with other committee members that relate to teaching archaeology to younger students and to increasing the visibility of archaeology to the general public.

Area of interest: Development of individual exercises and units of instruction that feature archaeological subject matter for use by K-12 teachers in new and existing lesson plans. I am especially interested in working with teachers to incorporate the methods and results of archaeological inquiry into their curricula in ways that help them meet existing state standards.

Target audience(s): teachers.