SAA PEC Biographies

Hope E. Luhman

The Louis Berger Group, Inc., 20 Corporate Woods Blvd., Albany, NY 12211, 518.432.9545,

Description of past and current involvement in public education and outreach

Since joining Berger in 1994, my responsibilities also have included active participation in public outreach and education programs, and direct involvement in the preparation of public outreach media. I am a member of the New York and Pennsylvania Archaeological Councils, and have assisted the New York Archaeological Council’s Education Committee. In addition, have over 14 years of college teaching and advising experience and currently am adjunct faculty member at Marist College for the School of Science’s Anthropology minor.

Interest in PEC Membership

The benefits that I see in joining the PEC is to gain first hand experience with the variety of work that is being done by a host of immensely talented colleagues. Such an atmosphere can only serve to raise the bar and I am eager to be part of that process as I feel I have something to contribute. I believe my experience in academe coupled with my experience working with local communities and in CRM gives me a well-balanced perspective on effective means to reach the public. My expertise does not lie in K-12 education, but rather in community-based programs and higher education.

Area of Interest and Target Audience: As for my commitment, I think the above statements attest to my areas of interest, and the target audience with which I have the most experience.