SAA PEC Biographies

A. Gwynn Henderson

Kentucky Archaeological Survey, 1020A Export Street, Lexington, KY 40506-9854, (859) 257-1919,

Past and current involvement in public education and outreach

Before I became the Education Coordinator for the Survey in 1995, I was informally involved in a variety of public outreach and education activities.  The passive kind of activities included such things as going into classrooms upon request of teachers to talk about archaeology as a career or to do hands-on artifact activities and serving as a speaker in the Kentucky Humanities Council’s Statewide Speakers Bureau, in which I spoke about Kentucky prehistoric and contact period archaeology.  More formalized projects included writing a book about Kentucky’s prehistoric farmers for adult literacy students; preparing content for teacher activity guides; working on a traveling exhibit about Kentucky archaeology; and developing and administering two programs: the Kentucky Archaeological Registry, a landowner contact/site protection program that targets private landowners, and the Kentucky Archaeology Education Network, which serves as a clearing house of information for teachers and other educators.  The latter was developed in response to a 1993 PEC initiative regarding the development of a state education network.

Since becoming the Survey’s Education Coordinator, I have continued some of the projects and activities I had carried out previously on a piecemeal and ad hoc basis (I maintain an annually up-dated resource guide for members of the Kentucky Archaeology Education Network and I continue to coordinate the Kentucky Archaeological Registry).  I also work with students and volunteers; work with educators to develop lesson plans or curriculum guides; touch carts, handouts, exhibits that target Kentucky’s prehistoric and historic archaeological sites; serve as a consultant on the SHPO’s Kentucky Archaeology video series (content and script editor; co-executive producer); write or edit the booklets in the Survey’s Education Series; and edit the Trowel and Pen, the Survey’s annual newsletter.  I administer/help plan and facilitate Project Archaeology workshops. Most recently, I have been involved in an archaeology education research project with Linda Levstik, professor at the University of Kentucky’s Department of Curriculum and instruction, that evaluates the effectiveness of the Survey’s most popular educational programs.

I joined the PEC in 1995 and served on the Network Subcommittee.  Since the reorganization, I have served on the Professional Archaeologists Task Group.I also serve as one of the Survey’s Staff Archeologists (specializing in prehistoric archaeology).  In that capacity I conduct fieldwork; analyze prehistoric ceramics; write reports of investigations; and edit the reports of others.

Interest in PEC Membership

It enables me to keep abreast of current archaeology education developments, concerns, issues, materials, programs/projects; provides me with an opportunity to share ideas and to network with folks who share my interest in archaeology education; provides me with potential opportunities for working on interesting projects.I can offer experience in working on a diverse array of archaeology education projects; familiarity with issues and concerns of archaeology education; ability to communicate with non-archaeologists effectively, both verbally and in writing; extensive editing experience

Area of Interest: writing; reviewing and editing reports; serving as a sounding board; planning, developing and carrying out research.

Target audience: archaeologists.