SAA PEC Biographies

Stephanie Ford

SRI Foundation, 333 Rio Rancho Dr. NE, #103, Rio Rancho, NM  87124, (505) 892-5587,

Past and Current Involvement in Public Outreach and Education

I first started getting involved in public outreach and education while studying abroad at the Flinders University of South Australia in 2002. While there I led site tours for the public on a historic archaeology site in Port Adelaide and also help design and staff an archaeology display in the Flinders Library lobby. Since returning from Australia I have been involved in the 2003 New Mexico State Archaeology Fair in Tucumcari and co-led a public outreach event at a public library for children during the Fifth World Archaeological Congress. I have learned more about public education through my internship with the SRI Foundation this semester (Spring 2004). Over the course of the semester I have assisted in the development of archaeology education materials and observed/participated in a Project Archaeology teacher’s workshop.

Interest in PEC Membership

The direct personal benefits I will receive from joining the PEC are networking opportunities and getting a view for the multiplicity of meanings for and ways to do public archaeology outreach and education. Indirectly, by having input into the PEC, I will be able to shape the role of public outreach and education within the discipline of archaeology and on the flip-side be able to help shape the public’s opinion of archaeology. I also like the idea of working with a group to produce a quality product larger than oneself. I believe that I have much to offer the Public Education Committee in terms of bringing new perspectives to the table. While I undoubtedly do not have as much experience as other members of the PEC, I see this as an asset instead of a handicap. I believe that I can bring some fresh perspectives and new energy to some products. In addition, I can bring some international perspectives on public education, as I have previously lived in Australia and will be living in New Zealand during 2005. Through my involvement with student organizations, I have fine-tuned my interpersonal relationship skills, such as the ability to communicate and work within a group. To all of this I also bring excellent organizational skills.

Area of interest: My areas of interest are working with Native American communities and families through public outreach and education.

Target audience: the general public, with an emphasis on Native American communities and activities that may focus on reaching out to children can be expanded to include parents. The two task groups I am the most interested in are the Boy Scout Archaeology Merit Badge and the Native American Education Group. As I will be out of the country for the whole of 2005, I believe I would be better suited to work on the Boy Scout Archaeology Merit Badge task group, but I would like to be available to help on the Native American Education Group as my time permits me.


Updated 12/12/2006