SAA PEC Biographies

Carol J. Ellick

SRI Foundation, 333 Rio Rancho Dr. NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. (505) 892-5587

Description of past and current involvement in public outreach and education

I have been an archaeologist for nearly 30 years.  In that time, I have worked in every aspect of CRM archaeology including supervision of field work and lab work, illustration of maps and artifacts for final reports, and the development of public programs.  For the first dozen or so years of my career, I split my time between field and drafting table.  This combination of skills successfully kept me from the unemployment lines.

In 1992, I completed a M.A. in education with a specialization in curriculum and instruction.  Since that time, the focus of my work has been the development of archaeological education materials for K-12.  I also work on projects that translate the outcomes of professional archaeological projects to the public through brochures, booklets, displays, interpretive signage, site tours, and public presentation.

In 1995, I founded the Public Programs Division of Statistical Research, Inc., a cultural resource management firm located in Tucson, Arizona.  I worked with archaeologists on public outreach components to CRM projects and I worked on contracts solely relating to outreach and education.  I am currently employed at the SRI Foundation in Rio Rancho, New Mexico where I am the Manager of Public Programs.

I do what I do because I believe that through education, we can reduce looting, and vandalism to our heritage resources.  I also love that archaeology can and does provide a spark for learning.

Interest in PEC Membership

I have been a SAA PEC member since 1990.  My first contribution to the SAA PEC was writing the teacher lesson plan for the Archaeology & Public Education newsletter.  My first lesson appeared in Vol. 1(1), September 1990 in a section called, “The Classroom.”  The lesson was entitled, “Story in a Bag: An Archaeology Lesson for Grades 3-6.”I have served on committees and task groups relating to materials for teachers and the teaching of archaeology for both educators and archaeologists.  I headed up the task group to develop the plan for hiring a public outreach manager in the SAA office.  I am currently the chair of the committee.The benefit I hope to receive is the continued connection made with other people committed to public outreach and archaeological education.  I love networking—matching people with people and people with resources.  It is wonderful to be a part of a larger community.  When I can’t make it to a meeting, I miss the infusion I get from the personal connections with other PEC members.I can offer my experience as an archaeologist and educator.  I can offer my strengths as a facilitator, manager, and team player. And, I can offer my enthusiasm for the topic.

Area of interest: My areas of interest are developing archaeology materials for educators and developing educational materials for archaeologists. 

Target audience:  Primary target audiences are professional archaeologists and teachers and schools.