SAA PEC Biographies

Amy A. Douglass

Tempe Historical Museum, City of Tempe, 809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ 85282

Description of past and current involvement in public outreach and education

I have been a museum administrator for the past sixteen years. As a member of a small staff, I have been involved in exhibit and informal education programs as well as my administrative responsibilities. I have curated three archaeology exhibits: Partners in Preservation: the role of historic preservation in preserving archaeological resources; Historical Archaeology: how historical documents and materials are used to interpret archaeological remains; and Images on Stone: rock art (what it is, how it was made, what it does or does not mean, how archaeologists study it, the threats of vandalism and destruction.)

I have designed and implemented informal education programs targeted toward families on a variety of historical and archaeological subjects. They have been structured for walk-in visitors and included hands-on activities, story times, scavenger hunts, demonstrations and participative performances. I have been a member of the PEC since 1992. Among the projects I have worked on are: a museum column for the Archaeology and Public Education newsletter, co-editor of the same publication, and co-editor of Archaeology in the Classroom. I have participated in three planning retreats and numerous PEC annual meetings.

Interest in PEC Membership

I would like to get back to my main goal of bringing museum educators into an active communication network with other archaeology educators, and affording them the resources they need to teach the public about archaeology in a responsible and accurate manner. I have not been as active in the last two years and want to actively contribute toward the mission of the PEC once again. I can offer my experience working in and knowledge of the museum field, and access to professional museum organizations and networks. I am well organized, project oriented and solution oriented. I thrive on working in a team environment.

Area of interest:  teaching the public about archaeology through informal education and exhibitry in a museum environment.

Target audience(s): museum educators and teachers.