SAA PEC Biographies

Caryn M. Berg

University of Denver, 10107 Waco Street, Commerce City, CO 80022

Description of past and current involvement in public outreach and education

Member of the PEC from 1995 – 2002. My focus in public outreach and education has been primarily in the education of college level students.  I have been an educator (of college students) for over 10 years.  In those years of teaching, I have come to recognize that students desperately need to be educated about the importance of the public to archaeology.  To that end, I have developed several classes that focus on that topic in some way.  These classes include: Cultural Resource Management, Popular Archaeology,  and Archaeology of the Southwest Through Fiction.

In addition, the focus of two of my publications has been on the public and archaeology:

1999 Selling Archaeology:  Interpretations in Public Archaeology. Public Archaeology Review 3(3): 3-7.  In progress Teaching Southwest Archaeology Through Fiction.  Chapter to be published in upcoming volume entitled Teaching Archaeology for Fun.

Interest in PEC Membership

I would like to get back to my main goal of educating future archaeologists about the importance of the public to the future of archaeology. I was not as active as I could have been when I was a member in the past, and now my schedule permits me to actively contribute toward the mission of the PEC.

Area of interest: Teaching future archaeologists about the importance of communicating effectively with the public so that we can maintain their interest in our work.  Secondarily, I am also interested in the ways archaeologists today communicate with the public.

Target audience(s): college students, professional archaeologists


Updated 06/23/2007